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The Workshop Press Company offer a wide variety of hydraulic presses. We have a press to suit every application. For instance, we offer Workshop Presses, C-Frame Presses, Four Column Presses, Production Presses and many more. However, of all of our presses that we offer, workshop presses are the most popular type of press that we sell. In addition, out of those we supply, our most popular workshop press is our 100 Ton M/H M/C 2 press.

We offer both manual and motorised workshop presses and also in a variety of tonnages. We offer manual presses in 15, 30, and 50 tons. As well as the motorised presses in 30, 60, 100, 160, 200, and 300-ton models. We manufacture our presses in the EU and build them according to the most recent CE directives and standards.

Unique Features On The 100 Ton Press

This press is very popular due to its heavy-duty framework built from top quality steel. In addition it uses only the best hydraulic components.

Our 100 Ton M/H M/C 2 motorised workshop press has a hydraulic cylinder head. This is moveable from left to right and has a piston rod that is 90 mm in diameter. The capability to move the head from left to right, enables to operator to position the head over work areas. Otherwise, they would be hard or impossible to get to.

You can control the hydraulics by hand or using a joystick that operates the pump system. The piston can be extended by using the integrated pump handle or by using the joystick to extend or retract the piston. Also while using the joystick the operator can choose from 2 speeds. Typically the hand pump is used for more intricate and precision work. The hydraulic unit also has a top-mounted knob. This enables the operator to control the amount of pressure exerted by the cylinder. The amount of pressure exerted is plainly and clearly displayed on the integrated manometer.  

The work table can be adjusted to suit the the clients applications. This is done using a chain hoist system. Firstly, the chains are attached to the press piston and the table. The two main, extra heavy-duty table pins must be removed. Then the operator can use the joystick to raise and lower the table. Once you complete the raising or lowering process, you can remove the chain hoist system and stow it away to avoid interference with the pressing processes.

Simplicity and Accuracy

Our workshop presses encompass many standard features that other press manufacturers do not offer. For instance, the moveable head, dual operating modes, pressure fine adjustment know, two adjustable advance speeds and adjustable table. These all are features that allow even an unskilled operator to carry out very accurate pressing processes.

All of our workshop presses are fitted with pistons that have diameter that make other workshop presses look like toys. The motorised models have a removable piston cap. This allows custom tools to fit to the end of the piston rod. Custom tools are very common additional purchases by our customers. For example: V-blocks, press brake tooling, forming tooling, tube expanding and contracting tools.

Workshop Press Environments 

Many environments use workshop presses. For instance: preduction facilities, maintenance rooms, workshops, tool and die shops, transmission shops, tire shops, auto repair garages, lorry repair garages and many more. 

100 Ton Press Supplier | Workshop Press

We have a great range of high-quality hydraulic presses for sale. So whether it’s a 100-ton press you desire or a 30-ton press, Workshop Press can help. Even if you have a custom application, please contact us to discuss your custom press application needs. Our staff has many years of experience working with presses.

If you have any more questions about purchasing a workshop press from us, we’d love to hear from you. Call us on +44 (0)1785 593 088 or get more information on our 30-ton hydraulic press by visiting our website today.

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