Motorised Workshop Presses

Motorised Workshop Presses from Profi-Press, are Manufactured in the EU with only the best materials and components. They are all manufactured according to the most current machinery directives. In addition, the Profi-Press Hydraulic Motorised Workshop Presses come in a variety of tonnages.

Our workshop presses provide several common features that other press manufacturers do not provide. The moveable head, multiple operating modes, pressure fine adjustment, two changeable advance speeds, and adjustable table are just a few examples. All of these qualities enable even the most inexperienced operator to do extremely precise pressing operations.

All of our workshop presses have pistons with diameters that make other workshop presses appear to be toys. The piston cap on the motorised hydraulic presses may be removed. This enables custom tools to be attached to the piston rod’s end. Custom tools are a highly popular add-on for our clients. V-blocks, press brake tooling, etc.

All our workshop presses are CE Certified and have a 2-Year warranty.




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