Choosing The Correct C-Frame Press Size

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Summary. Looking for a C-frame press for sale? Workshop Press offers a range of gap frame press sizes, from 28 to 250 ton. Whether for light-duty tasks or heavy-duty applications, find the perfect hydraulic press tailored to your needs.


If you are looking for a gap frame press for sale, look no further than Workshop Press. As a premium supplier of hydraulic presses, we know exactly what manufacturers and metal fabricators require when looking at metalworking machinery for their business.

Workshop Press is a leading provider of hydraulic press machines. With many sizes and tonnages to choose from, we can help you find the most appropriate machine to meet your needs. A C-frame press is a type of hydraulic press that is used for various metal forming operations. For instance, punching, blanking, bending, and forging. Used to manufacture parts for a range of different industries, it is named after its C-shaped design. This provides the operator with a clear view of the workpiece during operation.

Gap Frame Press Sizes

Also referred to as gap frame presses, C-frame press machines come in a variety of sizes. At Workshop Press, we supply both manual c-frame presses and hydraulic c-frame presses. Each are designed to meet the specific needs of different applications and industries. As leading metalworking machinery supplies, we want to be able to support as many industries and applications as we can. With this in mind, we cover a wide range of tonnages when it comes to our c-frame presses for sale, from 28 ton through to 250 ton presses. The various tonnages make them suitable for different applications.

C-Frame Press Sizes: What Size Should I Buy?

Choosing the right size of C-frame press is crucial for optimal metalworking performance. At Workshop Press, we offer a range of C-frame press sizes to cater to your specific needs. From smaller presses suitable for light-duty operations to larger presses designed for heavy-duty applications, our diverse selection ensures you can find the perfect fit. Whether you’re working on stamping, bending, forming, or other metal fabrication tasks, our machines are guaranteed to deliver precision and reliability. Trust Workshop Press to provide you with the ideal size of C-frame press that enhances your metalworking capabilities and helps you achieve exceptional results.

Smaller C-Frame Press Sizes For Sale at Workshop Press

Towards the lower end of the tonnages, our smaller c-frame presses such as the PPC-28 Ton C-frame Press are perfect for work such as:

  • stamping,
  • notching,
  • cutting,
  • punching,
  • riveting,
  • and more.

With two working modes (manual and semi-automatic), the machine’s speed and pressing force is easily adjusted with the hydraulic adjustment valves. Machines between the 28-60 ton range are usually ideal for small-medium production runs. Their size makes them perfect for use in a range on working environments. For example, metal fabrication shops, sheet metal shops, and other types of metal workshops and garages.

Larger C-Frame Presses For Sale at Workshop Press

The larger C-Frame Presses we stock, such as the PPCT-200 C-Frame Press is suitable for a wealth of heavy-duty industrial applications. This includes deep-drawing, forming, and stamping. Relied on for large-scale production runs, these machines are best suited for steel fabrication industries as well as the automotive manufacturing sector.

Choosing the Right Machine

At Workshop Press, we have decades of experience and expertise under our belts. Consequently, we can support our customers in aligning their requirements with the best C-frame press for the job.

Whether you’re a large manufacturing company for the aerospace sector, or a workshop taking on small metalwork projects, we have press machines to accommodate various sized businesses. Head to our website today for more information. Alternatively, call +44 (0)800 999 1090 to speak to a member of our team.

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