C-Frame Press • PPC-28 • 28 Ton • Upper Piston • Lower Table • NC Stroke Control • Foot Pedals • **In Stock**

Product Code: 10010-PPC-28

The Profi Press PPC-28 C-Frame Press by RHTC is a cutting-edge hydraulic press system that sets the standard for metalworking applications. Engineered and manufactured in Europe in compliance with CE directives, this machine is a testament to precision and reliability. Its advanced NC controller guarantees piston stroke with sub-milimeter accuracy, making it an indispensable asset for operations requiring high levels of precision such as stamping, notching, cutting, punching, and riveting.

The PPC-28 offers dual operational modes—manual and semi-automatic—to cater to a wide range of industrial requirements. Its worktable is thoughtfully designed with a 40 mm central hole, which significantly simplifies punching operations. This feature allows punched out slugs to fall directly into the collection tray, thereby maintaining a clean, organized, and safe workspace. The hole can also be used for tool location purposes.

The machine's hydraulic system is engineered for adaptability and control. With easily adjustable hydraulic valves, you can fine-tune both speed and pressing force to meet the specific demands of your project. A built-in manometer provides real-time monitoring of system pressure, ensuring that you operate within safe and optimal parameters at all times.

The main piston is equipped with 40 mm diameter opening with fixing grub screws, offering the flexibility to attach a broad spectrum of tools and fixtures. This adaptability makes the PPC-28 a versatile solution for various metalworking tasks. The machine is further enhanced by a robust construction that ensures long-lasting durability, backed by a comprehensive 2-year warranty.

In addition to its core functionalities, the PPC-28 also comes with CE Certification, affirming its compliance with European safety and quality standards. Delivered directly from our warehouse, this hydraulic press is not just a piece of machinery; it's a long-term investment in quality, efficiency, and operational excellence.

Whether you're running a high-volume production line or a specialized workshop, the PPC-28 by RHTC Profi Press is engineered to deliver performance, versatility, and reliability, making it an invaluable addition to any industrial setting.

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    Technical specifications

    • Pressing Force [tons]: 28
    • Max. Pressure [bar]: 200
    • Max. Working Speed [mm/s]: 9.8
    • Piston Stroke [mm]: 150
    • Vertical Daylight Max. [mm]: 280
    • Vertical Daylight Min. [mm]: 130
    • Min. Working Speed [mm/sec]: 2
    • Return Speed [mm/sec]: 12.8
    • Piston Diameter [mm]: 70
    • Piston Tool Hole [mm]: 40
    • Piston Tool Hole Depth [mm]: 73
    • Piston Grub Screw: M14
    • Piston Grub Screw Offset [mm]: 35
    • Throat Depth [mm]: 225
    • Table Size (L x W) [mm]: 325 x 300
    • Total Width Footprint [mm]: 700
    • Total Depth Footprint [mm]: 850
    • Front to Back Max Distance [mm]: 1025
    • Noise Level: 87 dB(A)
    • Electric Motor [kW]: 4
    • Voltage [V]: 230/400
    • Hydraulic Tank [L]: 30
    • Hydraulic Pump Output [litre/min]: 8
    • Total Height [mm]: 1996
    • Weight Shipping [kg]: 650
    • Weight Net [kg]: 572
    • Weight Shipping (kg): 640


    • Multi-Functional: Suitable for a wide range of cold metalworking applications.
    • Digital Control Panel: Integrated for precise operation and monitoring.
    • Safety Measures: Equipped with emergency buttons.
    • Hydraulic Actuator: Customizable pressing force and speed.
    • Transport Channels: Designed for easy transportation via forklift.
    • High-Quality Construction: Engineered for durability and long-term use.
    • NC-control: Adjustable piston stroke.
    • Mode Selector: Selects Manual or Semi-Automatic operation.
    • Speed Flow adjustment: adjustable piston advance speed.
    • Pressure Control: adjustable pressure control
    • Pressure Manometer: Analog display of pressure.
    • Bespoke Tools: Piston is configured to accept a wide variety of tools.
    • CE Certified
    • 2 year warranty

    Optional accessories

    • Working Area Guarding
    • Working Table – Bespoke Sizes
    • Light Curtains
    • Punch and Die Sets
    • Wedge Shaped Punch/Notcher
    • Tube / Pipe Notcher
    • Tube Hole Punch
    • Tube Flattening, Rounding, Punching
    • Rod Cutter
    • Corner Rounding for Sheet Metal
    • Slotted Hole Punch
    • Die Set for Various Press Tools
    • Press Brake Tools
    • Several punch tools for various applications
    • Bespoke Tools
    • Production Systems / Integration
    • Automated Feeding

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    Suitable for various materials

    The RHTC C-Frame Press Model PPC-28 is a state-of-the-art hydraulic press designed for industrial applications in cold metalworking. With a focus on high performance, safety, and versatility, this machine is an essential asset for any manufacturing setup. Its advanced hydraulic system, powered by a 4 kW motor, ensures consistent and powerful pressing force, making it a top choice for professionals in the field. The PPC-28 also prioritizes operator safety with features like emergency buttons and noise level control. Its digital control panel offers ease of operation, making it a highly efficient machine that meets the rigorous demands of modern industrial applications.

    CE Certificate

    This press comes with a standard 2-Year Warranty and a CE Certificate as standard.

    All Profi Presses by RHTC are customisable, integrative, and have custom tools available.
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