How Hydraulic Presses Help With The Production Process

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Summary. Workshop Press UK is a leading provider of various hydraulic press types in the UK, serving diverse industry needs with standard and bespoke options. Their hydraulic presses cater to sectors like cosmetics, automotive, electronics, and more, performing tasks like product compaction, assembly, and forming. They offer a wide range of hydraulic press models, including C-Frame, 4-Column, Gib Guided, Horizontal Hydraulic Press Brake Machines, Workshop Presses, Portal Presses, and Cambering Hydraulic Presses.


Are you looking for a hydraulic press for production in the UK? There are various hydraulic presses, standard or bespoke, that are available worldwide in an almost infinite number. Therefore, it is pertinent to have a comprehension of the differences between hydraulic presses. For example, the functionality of each press, the controls that run the machine and the standard safety features.

Most importantly, the application that the press is designed for. This information is vital before making a purchasing decision. Many industries use customised hydraulic presses and the applications for which they are using is vast. Industries that use presses in their production process include:

  • The cosmetic industry, which uses hydraulic presses for compacting their products.
  • The automotive industry, uses hydraulic presses for assembly processes.
  • The electronics industry, uses presses for forming processes
  • The appliance industry, for forming panels and brackets
  • Stamping, uses hydraulic presses for deep drawing and pressing operations. 

And many more!!

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Types Of Hydraulic Presses 


C-Frame Hydraulic Presses

Also commonly referred to as Gap Frame Presses. It has a unique frame and results in the formation of a “C” around the bolster and slide plate, which comprise the working area of the press.

Floor-type model C-frame hydraulic presses can deliver large tonnages while maintaining a footprint that is small and compact. C-Frame Presses come in standard configurations but are also customisable to specifically suit the customer’s needs.


4-Column Hydraulic Press

Also commonly known as a 4-Post press. Due to their four-post structure, they offer superior rigidity and perpetual parallelism between the bolster and slide plate. Standard Four-Column Presses can accept a wide variety of die sets of various sizes and formation.

Four-Post hydraulic presses can carry a reasonable price tag. But they can offer more economy than other types of presses. Four Column Presses offer access to the pressing area from all four sides. In addition, can easily be integrated into production lines and systems.


Gib Guided Hydraulic Presses

Also known as Straight Side Presses, Column Presses, and Production Presses. For our purposes they have press components that guide the motion of the ram. This is whilst maintaining squareness and parallelism to a very high degree of accuracy throughout the stroke.

People typically choose Gib-Guided Press designs to handle demanding pressing and stamping applications. We can also fit Gib guided presses with a variety of controllers and safety devices specified to customer’s needs.


Horizontal Hydraulic Press Brake Machines

These machines are suited to straightening processes on steel bars, shafts, beams, and plates. We can easily fit them with a wide variety of standard or custom tools to perform press brake operations. Also, it allows for quick tool change over. You can perform cut-off operations on angle and channel as well as rail structural contouring & straightening.

Horizontal Press Brake machines are perfect for a small workshop, doing one-off type work. However, they can be configured to accommodate large production runs. The horizontal configuration often offers an advantageous working plane, compared a traditional hydraulic press. In addition, cylinder strokes that are smooth, long and powerful.

Horizontal Press Brakes come with a variety of optional controls and accessories. Stroke control can be controlled with a simple micro-switch mechanism. However, can also be controlled with a NC Controller. This can store step-by-step stroke lengths and return positions as well as a large number of individual programs.


Workshop Presses

Also referred to as H-Frame Presses. These are driven by a hydraulic cylinder, powered by a motorised or a manual pumping system. The cylinder head may be static or positionable from left to right. The working table is typically adjustable in a vertical fashion and supported with quick-fit pins. Heavier models will use a lifting-lowering mechanism to adjust the table.

Hydraulic Presses are very useful for industrial purposes accommodating many applications. H-Frame presses can carry out many standard applications. For instance, sheet metal manufacturing, deep drawing, punching, metal formation, blanking, stamping, moulding, forging, clinching, rubber forming, powder compacting. However they are commonly used in workshops for straightening and bearing pressing.

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Portal Presses

Commonly referred to as Roll Frame Presses. They look very similar to Workshop Presses. However, they provide an added axis of accessibility. They allow the head, not only to move from left to right, but also from front to back. Portal presses have a large working table. For example, 1.5 meters wide and 3 meters deep.

They are well suited to straightening processes on large plates, large sheets, wide beams, rails, and pipes. For more information on our manual and motorised portal presses, please visit our website. 


Cambering Hydraulic Presses

Sometimes referred to as a Cambering and Straightening Press. They are used to either straighten bent materials or to put a “Camber” into a piece of steel profile. They are available in many press sizes and tonnages. In addition, they allow for efficient cambering of larger material sections where it is bent at regular intervals. This creates mechanical pre-tensioning or camber of the steel beams. Cambering Presses are suited to straightening processes on steel bars, shafts, beams, and plates.

A wide variety of standard or custom tools are available. Change over is easy to carry out on standard press brake operations on large materials. A variety of optional controls and accessories are available. Stroke control can be done with a simple micro-switch mechanism. Or with a NC Controller, that can store step-by-step stroke lengths. As well as, return positions as well as a large number of individual programs.



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