Metal Bandsaws: A Quick Guide

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Metal band saws are one of the most useful and versatile pieces of equipment that a manufacturer can own. Whether it’s for a machine shop, a workshop, a maintenance shop, or a precision engineering facility, metal bandsaw machines can provide a multitude of benefits. Here at Workshop Press, we are proud to be one of the country’s leading suppliers of metalworking machinery. We have many vertical and horizontal metal bandsaws to choose from. Read on to find out more about industrial bandsaws and how they can help with your metal fabrication project.

What Is A Metal Bandsaw?

So what is a metal bandsaw? Essentially, it is a power saw that is used to cut metal. Metal bandsaws are powerful machines equipped with a moving steel blade or belt with a toothed edge. They are mainly in use for making accurate cuts into pieces of metal. This type of metalworking machinery is ideal for all types of metal – including steel – and can work with various thicknesses.

Types Of Metal Bandsaws 

Metal bandsaws can either be vertical or horizontal. This refers to the direction that the blade rotates in and the axis on which the metal is being sawn. Both vertical and horizontal bandsaws can be in use to carry out straight and irregular cuts.

Horizontal vs Vertical Bandsaws

So what is the difference between a horizontal and vertical bandsaw?

  • A horizontal metal bandsaw holds the workpiece stationary. During the sawing process, the blade swings down through the cut, and will usually be used to saw material down to a certain size. Horizontal bandsaws are often used for cutting bar stock, metal tubes, and structural materials.
  • A vertical metal bandsaw has a blade that continuously rotates. This allows for a smooth cutting action whilst remaining in an upright position. The material is then guided through the blade to make the cuts. Vertical bandsaws are ideal for jobs that involve complex shapes and angles including contour cutting and filing.

Should You Use A Band Saw Or A Circular Saw?

When it comes to saws for metalworking, often the go to machine is the circular saw. Many engineers will say a band saw is not as accurate as a circular saw. However, for 98% of the applications in fabrication and manufacturing, a band saw provides more than sufficient accuracy during the cutting process. Additionally, the accuracy is facilitated by the top quality design and build quality you’ll find in all of the bandsaws we offer here at Workshop Press.

Looking For Metal Bandsaws For Sale? 

When it comes to investing in a metal bandsaw, there are a few aspects to consider first in order to narrow down the search.


Looking at the amount of work that will be required of the bandsaw is important. You can then determine the size or power of the machinery that you need to buy.


Metal bandsaws aren’t too space consuming. However, workshop space is always an important factor to consider when buying any new equipment.


Will you be working on curved and intricate parts? Or will you be performing lots of straight cutting? These answers will determine whether a horizontal or vertical saw is most suitable for your needs.


Generally speaking, the bigger the budget, the more powerful the machine you can buy. However you should only invest in what you need, but we’re on hand to discuss this in further detail should you need our support.

Contact Us 

If you would like to find out more about industrial metal bandsaws for sale, then head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call +44 01926 562011 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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