Things To Consider When You Want To Purchase A Hydraulic Press

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Capital Equipment Acquisition has large impacts on the profitability and continuity of a business. Do not take it lightly. Accept that it’s a very in-depth and involved process. This is due to the large variety of presses on the market. In addition to the large variety of options, we offer many accessories alongside hydraulic presses. However, a standard “off the shelf” hydraulic press might suit your application well. In that case, the selection to process to purchase a hydraulic press is quite simple.

Do You Want to Purchase a Hydraulic Press?

Frame construction is one of the most important considerations. The construction of the frame determines whether a machine will last for years of work. We can design and manufacture the machine as either standard or custom.

For example, using a key interlocked framework with S355JR steel, will ensure it is more durable. In addition, it would provide a long-lasting and reliable press. Furthermore, it will contribute to your productions efficiency and profitability.

Standard Hydraulic Presses come in an array of sizes. Frameworks differ, control sets, and tonnage capacities vary. Additionally, contingent on the manufacturer, they can typically be customised to suit specific applications and needs.

Hydraulic presses are very often application-specific. Therefore, it is very important to discuss the intended hydraulic press applications with the technical sales engineer. This is to ensure the machine is appropriate for the intended uses.

Other Considerations Prior To The Purchase:

  • Press design and type.
  • Tonnage capacity.
  • Tool sizing.
  • Table sizes for both the bolster and slide.
  • Fastening mechanism incorporated in the tables (e.g. DIN 650 T-Slots).

Additional Hydraulic Press Purchase Considerations may include:

  • Cushions – For drawing applications. To control the speed of the material being drawn into a die.
  • Clamps – For drawing applications. Certain processes have clamps to hold the material at a certain pressure.
  • Springs – To ensure the hydraulic machine can handle the “spring back” force.
  • Spares Availability – If the press uses off–the–shelf components, in the event of breakdown will they need to be special ordered.
  • Service availability – Local technicians availability for the initial install of the press and availability when issues arise.
  • Automation and Integration –  Capabilities the pressing system must have. Also, how the pressed components will move through the press and the production systems that are installed.
  • Warranty – What is covered under the warranty? Where are the type of services that are covered and for what time period.

Get In Touch Today And Purchase Your Hydraulic Press

Are you looking to purchase a hydraulic press? We have a great range of high-quality hydraulic presses for sale. However, it is important to understand exactly what your press will be in use for before making a purchase. Our experts can establish the right press machine for your business. From C-frame, to 4 column hydraulic presses.

If you need assistance finding the appropriate press, Workshop Press Company UK can help. We have years of experience fulfilling customers’ requirements. We’d love to hear from you. Call us on +44 (0)1785 593 088 or by visiting our website today.

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