Bandsaw 220 GSHE • 180 mm Round Capacity • Single Mitre • 1-Phase • EX-DEMO Showroom

Product Code: 500712720-EX-DEMO


The Scantool 220 GSHE Metal Cutting Bandsaw is a 1-Phase metal saw is based on a rigid cast bow design. This saw has a top-quality 1.0 HP DC motor with an infinitely variable speed control with the blade speed displayed on the highly visible DRO. The single-phase DC Motors are designed for industrial use and applications. Band Saw Operators can precisely dial in the blade speed for each application.

There is a blade pressure gauge where the operator can correctly tension the blade, and additionally, there is an adjustable blade guard. The material vice has a handwheel for large and fast adjustments and supplemented with a quick locking mechanism which enables the operator to quick release the material, advance the material to the material stop, and then re-clamp the material initiating the next cut save time and money.

This saw has a saw blade capacity suitable for industry having dimensions of 2085 mm long by 20 mm high and 1 mm thick. These industry-standard saw blades are readily attainable at any MRO or welding supply outlet.

CE and Warranty

This saw is CE Certified and comes with a 2-year warranty. All sales and service are UK based from our locatin in Warwickshire.

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    Technical specifications

    • Machine height (mm): 1370
    • Machine length (mm) : 1280
    • Machine width (mm): 510
    • Motor (HP): 1
    • Net weight (kg): 180
    • Saw blade (mm): 2085 x 20 x 0.9
    • Saw speed (m/min): 20 to 83
    • Sawing capacity -45° (mm): —
    • Sawing capacity 0° (mm): ø180 / 180 x 180
    • Sawing capacity 45° (mm): ø115 / 110 x 110
    • Sawing capacity 60° (mm): ø70 / 70 x 70
    • Voltage: 230V, 50 Hz, 1-Phase


    • Metal cutting band saw
    • Swivel Head
    • Length Stop with Scale
    • Blade Tension Device
    • Blade Tension Meter
    • Manual Feed
    • Auto Feed – Manual
    • Auto Shut-off post cut
    • Variable speed control
    • Quick release on vice
    • DC Motor w/variable speed
    • Digital readout of blade speed
    • Cast Bow
    • CE Certified

    Bandsaw charts

    Key Features

    • Quick-Lock Angle Adjustment: Easily adjust the cut angle from 0 to 60 degrees to the left.
    • Controlled Descent Mode: Choose between manual and automated descent, facilitated by a pneumatic-hydraulic cylinder.
    • Robust Coolant System: Ensures longer blade life by lubricating the saw blade teeth before and after the cut.
    • Variable Blade Speed Control: Customize the blade speed for different materials and applications.
    • CE Certified: Comes with a 2-year warranty and full technical support.

    Additional Info

    This saw is a single mitre band saw with quick-lock angle adjustment from 0 to 60 degrees to the left with the cut angle being easily viewable by the large scale on the base of the saw head.

    This saw’s descent can be controlled manually or in controlled descent mode. The controlled descent mode controls the rate of descent by implementing a pneumatic-hydraulic cylinder, and when the cut is complete, the blade stops automatically.

    A robust coolant system has coolant ports at the front of the cut to lubricate the saw blade teeth before they enter the cut and then a port at the back of the cut to rinse the teeth of swarf before returning to enter the cut again. This arrangement ensures a blade life that pays.

    The Scantool 1-Phase Metal Bandsaws are feature-rich. The combination of the cast bowhead, infinitely variable blade speed control, adjustable blade guard, heavy-duty coolant system, controlled descent, and blade speed display, in addition to having the ability to choose the proper industry-standard blade to enable the operator to properly set up the saw for every application that they may come upon in the industries of manufacturing, fabrication and metalworking.


    Metal Band Saws or Bandsaws are a critical component of all manufacturing facilities, machine shops, workshops, maintenance shops, precision engineering facilities, and more.  Bandsaws can be used to cut a wide variety of materials such as wood and meat but only offers the best quality saws designed for industrial metal-cutting.  Some primary examples of uses of a band saw are for cutting to size structural steel, bar stock, tubes, pipes, and RSJ material, and beams and they can cut bundles and complicated profiles and shapes.  Many engineers will saw a band saw is not as accurate as a circular saw but for 98% of the applications in fabrication and manufacturing a band saw provides more than sufficient accuracy during the cutting process and the accuracy is facilitated by the top quality design and build quality offered with the band saws in bandsaws.

    CE Certified with a 2-year warranty.

    All Scantool Bandsaws are Manufactured according to CE regulations and come with a 2-Year Warranty supported by technical sales and service from Warwickshire.