Bandsaw 320 GSHT • Semi-Auto 255mm Round Capacity • Dual Mitre • 3-Phase

Product Code: 500712800

Scantool 320 GSHT is a versatile Dual-Mitre Metal Bandsaw meaning it can address a wide variety of applications that are typically found in a workshop, and it is especially suitable for cutting steel profiles and steel pipes. The Bandsaw Bow is cast in one piece, making it extremely durable and eliminating bow flex during the sawing process, meaning that this saw will deliver very accurate cuts time after time and without fail. The control box has a simple design, and it is turn-able, meaning that the panel always faces the operator for safe, easy, and comfortable operation. With the newly introduced One Touch feature, the sawing cycle can be initiated with just one button press. After the cycle is activated, the vice clamps the cut-piece, the saw blade starts to rotate, and then saw bow quickly descends toward the workpiece. Once the bandsaw blade touches the workpiece, the descent speed adjusts automatically to the pre-set speed. Once the sawing cycle is complete, the saw bow automatically ascends to the defined position providing the operator easy access to remove the workpiece. The Scantool 320 GSHT is an obvious choice for mass production. The saw head rests on bearings making mitre adjustments quick and easy in 2 directions from 45° to 60. A large degree scale makes reading and setting the cut angle degrees a cinch. Common mitre positions can be fixated with positioning points at 0°, 15°, 30°, 45° and 60°. The 320 GSHT has a built-in cooling system equipped with a circular collection system with a filter screen to ensure coolant remains clean, and this top-quality coolant system also ensures that the working area remains clean and dry. The main features are a hydraulic feeding and lifting of the saw bow, automatic shut-off after cutting the cut is complete, cut length stop with scale, a heavy-duty cast bow eliminating vibration and promoting accuracy, a variable speed control, a quick-adjust vice, and a blade tensioning device with a blade breakage detection system

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    Technical specifications

    • Net weight (kg): 390
    • Saw blade (mm): 2750x27x0,9
    • Saw speed (m/min): Variable 20-90
    • Sawing capacity -45° (mm): ø170 / 160 x 160 / 180 x 120
    • Sawing capacity 0° (mm): ø255 / 240 x 240 / 310 x 230
    • Sawing capacity 45° (mm): ø200 / 190 x 190 / 120 x 180
    • Sawing capacity 60° (mm): ø115 / 115 x 115 / 115 x 115
    • Voltage: 400V, 50 Hz, 3-Phase


    • Metal cutting band saw
    • Swivel Head: 60°(L) 45°(R)
    • Length Stop with Scale
    • Blade Tension Device
    • Blade Tension Meter
    • Blade Breakage Limit Switch
    • Manual Feed
    • Auto Feed – Automatic
    • Auto Shut-off post cut
    • Variable speed control
    • Quick release on vice
    • Cast Bow
    • CE Certified
    • 2-Year Warranty


    Metal Band Saws or Bandsaws are a critical component of all manufacturing facilities, machine shops, workshops, maintenance shops, precision engineering facilities, and more.  Bandsaws can be used to cut a wide variety of materials such as wood and meat but only offers the best quality saws designed for industrial metal-cutting.  Some primary examples of uses of a band saw are for cutting to size structural steel, bar stock, tubes, pipes, and RSJ material, and beams and they can cut bundles and complicated profiles and shapes.  Many engineers will saw a band saw is not as accurate as a circular saw but for 98% of the applications in fabrication and manufacturing a band saw provides more than sufficient accuracy during the cutting process and the accuracy is facilitated by the top quality design and build quality offered with the band saws in bandsaws.
    CE Certified with a 2-year warranty.

    All Scantool Bandsaws are Manufactured according to CE regulations and come with a 2-Year Warranty supported by technical sales and service from Warwickshire.