Corner Rounding Tool • Sheet Metal • Various Radii • Bespoke Sizes • 4 Units with 1 Stroke

Product Code: PPP20011-BESPOKE-4X

Revolutionize your metalworking with our innovative Corner Rounding Tool, expertly designed to process four pieces concurrently, maximizing efficiency and output. Offering adjustable radii from 10mm to 25mm, this tool is tailored for precision and compatibility with various press models, including PP-10, PP-16, PPC-28, and our extensive range of over 100 presses

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    Metal Sheet Corner Rounding and Radius Notcher with multiple radii of your choice

    This tool provides the operator with the flexiblity to choose a variety of radii in a matter of seconds. The notching operation takes only seconds to complete.

    The Profi Punch Radius tool is suitable for various materials such as mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass, and many others. Based on its tensile strength, each material will have a varying capacity.

    This toolset is ideal for use on the Profi Punch 10 punching press but can be used on all RHTC Profi punch machines.

    Bespoke radii are also available, so please enquire.

    Technical Features:

    • Multiple radii options: 10mm to 25mm and beyond
    • Customizable for bespoke radius needs upon request.
    • Compatible with PP-10, PP-16, PPC-28, and PPC series C-Frame Presses.
    • Four ports for simultaneous work on four pieces.
    • Designed for durability and long-term use.
    • Enhances production efficiency significantly.
    • Supports up to 27 strokes per minute with PP-10.
    • Versatile application across over 100 different press models offered.
    • Easy to integrate and use with existing machinery.
    • Crafted for precision in metal sheet rounding tasks.

    Product Uses:

    • Precision rounding of metal sheet corners.
    • Metal fabrication and finishing.
    • Automotive part manufacturing.
    • Aerospace component preparation.
    • Metal art and decorative items.
    • Construction material shaping.
    • Electrical enclosure manufacturing.
    • Machinery and equipment parts production.
    • Custom metalwork projects.
    • Prototyping and model making.

    Enhance your manufacturing efficiency with our versatile Corner Rounding Tool, engineered for multi-radius work with the capacity to simultaneously manage four pieces. Ideal for integration with models such as PP-10, PP-16, PPC-28, and beyond, this tool streamlines production processes, ensuring precision and speed in metal fabrication tasks. Its unique multi-piece handling capability, coupled with compatibility across a range of equipment, makes it an essential addition to your workshop’s capabilities.