Erlo-Dual Drill Multi Drill CM2

Product Code: Erlo-Dual Drill Multi Drill CM2

The Erlo Dual Drill Multi-Drill Series CM2 is a game-changer in multi-tasking drilling operations. Capable of holding two drill bits simultaneously, it offers unparalleled efficiency. The adjustable width between tool holders can be customized to meet specific customer requirements, making it a versatile solution for diverse drilling needs in industrial environments.

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    • Dual Drill Bit Capacity: Holds two drill bits, doubling productivity. 
    • Customizable Width: Tool holder width can be adjusted as per customer’s specifications. 
    • Application: Ideal for high-efficiency drilling tasks in various industrial settings. 

    ERLO stands at the forefront of drilling technology innovation. The Series CM2 exemplifies their commitment to versatile and efficient drilling solutions, designed to meet the unique demands of modern industries.