Foot Pedal Stroke Control for Motorised Workshop Press

Product Code: Foot-Pedal-WSP

Upgrade your workshop's capabilities with our Foot Pedal Control designed for motorized workshop presses. This intuitive control mechanism enhances precision and safety, allowing operators to maintain complete control over the pressing process. Its universal design ensures compatibility with a wide range of presses, including our models from 30 TON to 300 TON capacities, as listed in your product range.

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    Our Foot Pedal Control system is a must-have addition for any engineering workshop demanding exactitude and safety. Built for universal application across our entire range of motorized workshop presses, this pedal offers effortless operation and is engineered to withstand rigorous industrial use. Integration is seamless, requiring minimal setup for immediate improvement in control and operation.


    • Compatibility: Fits 30 TON to 300 TON workshop presses
    • Control: Hands-free foot operation
    • Safety: Enables focused operation and precise control
    • Installation: Easy setup with minimal tools required
    • Construction: Robust design for industrial environments
    • Palm Button Controls are also available
    • Push Button Controls are also available

    Features of the Gauge:

    • Universally compatible with all workshop presses (30 TON to 300 TON range)
    • Robust construction for demanding industrial applications
    • Seamless integration with existing workshop press systems
    • Provides precise control over press operation for enhanced accuracy
    • Equipped with a micro-switch system for dependable depth control
    • Features a digital readout for accurate stroke depth measurement
    • Enhances safety with hands-free operation and focused control
    • Designed for user-friendly installation and ease of use
    • Durable and reliable, built to maintain performance in continuous operation
    • Supports a wide range of pressing tasks with improved efficiency and precision

    Enhance your motorized workshop press with our universal foot pedal control, offering improved precision, safety, and hands-free operation for increased efficiency.