Workshop Press • 100 Ton • Motorised / Manual modes • Movable Cylinder • 2 Speeds • 1100mm Working Width

Product Code: 10058-100 TON M/H-M/C-2

This machine is one of the most popular machines in the marketplace. When it comes to high-performance pressing solutions, the 100-Ton Motorized Hydraulic Workshop Press stands out as a top contender. Manufactured in the EU with top-quality steel and components, this machine is designed to meet the most demanding workshop needs.

Although this machine is classified as motorized, it has a facility for operating the hydraulic cylinder through a hand pump whether for intricate and precision presswork or a matter of preference. When running the machine in the motorized mode you have completed directional control with the joystick, and you have 2 speeds available over an easily adjustable lever. The main press cylinder is adjustable to the left and right along with the adjustable working table you can virtually address all pressing applications. The primary cylinder is a top-quality double-acting (dual-acting) cylinder.

Profi Motorised Workshop Presses are manufactured in the EU and are CE Certified and are readily available from our stock. This machine has a 2-year warranty.

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    Technical specifications

    • Pressure force [kN]: 981
    • Maximum pressure [bar]: 258
    • Piston stroke [mm]: 380
    • Oil delivery [ltr/min]: 5.64/17.2
    • Oil capacity [dm³]: 46
    • Working speed [mm/sec]: 2.47
    • Approaching speed [mm/sec]: 7.54
    • Return speed [mm/sec]: 9.06
    • Motor power [kW]: 2.2
    • Voltage [V]: 400/3
    • Frequency [Hz]: 50/60
    • Revolutions per minute [rpm]: 3000
    • Insulation protection [IP]: 54
    • Working width [mm]: 1100
    • Weight [kg]: 970


    • Movable cylinder (left-right)
    • Dual acting cylinder
    • Integrated pressure manometer
    • Pressure regulation
    • Hydraulic unit with two speeds
    • In height adjustable working table
    • Joystick for the control of the piston
    • Hand pump for precise press work

    Dimensions for different sized Motorised Workshop Presses where letters displayed related to a particular dimension.

    Dimensions in mm

    • A: 2140
    • B: 1350
    • C: 755
    • D: 1100
    • E: 300
    • F: 1665
    • G: 150
    • H: 180
    • I: 750
    • J: 865
    • K: 250

    Please refer to dimensional graphic above.


    • Inside diameter of cylinder [mm]: 220
    • Diameter of piston rod [mm]: 90
    • Diameter of piston head [mm]: 120

    Customisations & Modifcations

    • 1-Phase Motor
    • 60 Hz Motor
    • Bespoke dimensions
    • System Inetegrations
    • Bespoke Applications

    Optional Accessories & Tools

    • V-Block sets
    • foot pedals
    • hand controls
    • additional safety features
    • system integrations
    • mandrel sets
    • corner rounding notchers
    • corner wedge-shaped punches
    • corner notchers
    • hole punches of all shapes and sizes
    • tube and pipe notching
    • drain hole nibbler punch
    • brake press tooling
    • custom tools

    Motorised Workshop Press Chart

    What is a Workshop Press

    A Hydraulic Workshop Press is a pressing machine that implements hydraulics to compress materials in a variety of applications. Like most shop equipment, hydraulic presses range in quality from basic models but only offers top quality RHTC hydraulic workshop presses. When purchasing an RHTC Hydraulic Press from us it will contribute to your company’s profitability. In addition, when a workshop, maintenance, manufacturing, or assembly area implements hydraulic workshop press machinery your capabilities are tremendously expanded and you then have the ability to perform a wide variety of different pressing processes and forming processes as well as folding, straightening, forming, riveting, and pressing work. RHTC presses offer usefulness, durability, reliability, functionality, and stability enabling the ability to get more use out of it and more things done efficiently saving you time and most importantly money.

    Workshop Press Uses

    Some Typical Shop Press Uses include: metalwork bending and folding, holding welding projects steady, punching, straightening uneven metal parts, bearing pressing, flattening warped parts, separating rusted parts, compressing, crushing used oil filters to remove excess oil, automobile part construction, jewelry-making, ammunition, and bracket bending.