HM SBM-28B Benchtop Pillar Drill with Geared Head and Auto Tap

Product Code: 06280005

SCANTOOL offers a wide variety of top-quality European Gear Driven Pillar Drills models that have drilling capacities ranging from 1 mm to 40 mm. The extensive range of drill presses has a simple construction ensuring high quality, ease of operation, and long life. These industrial drills are designed for industrial use and in addition use top quality components only to guarantee a useful long life. The Scantool Pillar Drills from are competitively priced and designed to last. These models have a 5 Year Motor Guaranty, are CE certified, and come with a separate emergency stop. The SBM-28B has an automatic feeding mechanism for hands-free drill and tapping.

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    Technical specifications for HM SBM-28B Pillar Drill with Geared Head and Auto Tap

    • Max.drilling capacity(mm): 28
    • Column Diameter (ø mm): 98
    • Spindle taper: MT3
    • Tapping Capacity: M 16
    • Spindle stroke(mm): 130
    • Distance from spindle center to column surface(mm): 250
    • Distance from spindle nose to worktable(mm): 125-825
    • Distance from spindle nose to base(mm): 1220
    • Spindle speeds range(rpm): 75-3200
    • Speed Numbers – Motor: 2
    • Motor (Kw): 1.1
    • Number of speeds: 12
    • Diameter of column(mm): 98
    • Worktable size(mm): 380 x 380
    • Dimensions of base(mm): 360 x 535
    • Width of T-slot(mm): 14
    • Distance of T-slot base(mm): 160
    • Main motor(2 speed motor)(KW): 0.85/1.1
    • Machine height (mm): 1465
    • Packing size(L×W×H)(mm): 2100 x 400 x 640
    • Net/Gross Weight (Kg): 200/230
    • Height and angle adjustable table
    • Μoveable table
    • Prepared for coolant system
    • Powerful motor
    • 3 Spoke handle
    • Chuck guard c/w micro-switch
    • Separate emergency stop
    • Built-in working light
    • Included drill chuck 16mm – B16
    • Built-in automatic tapping function.

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    Included Accessories

    Accessory Description
    Adapter (2/3) For adapting tools to the spindle
    MT3 Taper MT3 For mounting tools with Morse taper #3
    Drill Chuck For holding drill bits of various sizes
    Tilted wedge For adjusting the workpiece angle
    Spanner (17-19) For adjustments and maintenance
    T-bolt (M12*55) For securing the machine to the work surface
    Oil gun For lubrication maintenance
    Instruction manual For operational guidance

    Advanced Features/Capabilities

    • Versatile Machining Operations: Capable of performing drilling, tapping, reaming, chamfering, punch marking, countersinking, and spot facing.
    • Wide Range of Tool Compatibility: Compatible with helicoidal drills, Morse taper or ISO type tools.
    • Precision Engineering: Designed for high accuracy, reliability, and operational efficiency.
    • Safety Features: Equipped with a drill protection guard and safety measures to prevent accidents.
    • Ease of Use: Features straightforward adjustments for table elevation, rotation, and spindle elevation.
    • Maintenance and Care: Emphasizes regular lubrication and maintenance for machine longevity.
    • Durability: Constructed with durable components and materials for long-term industrial use.
    • Tool Fixing and Clamping: Efficient mechanisms for secure machining.
    • Chip Management: Designed for effective chip disposal, ensuring a clean work environment.
    • Compliance with Standards: Manufactured according to European Parliament and Council Directive 2006/42/EC.
    • T-Slot Table: Equipped with T-slots for versatile workpiece clamping.
    • Two-Speed Motor: Allows flexibility in operation across different materials.
    • Technical Support: Comprehensive manual and support for troubleshooting and guidance.
    • Warranty and Service: Two-year warranty, underscoring quality and customer satisfaction.

    Explore the Advanced Capabilities of the HM SBM-28F Drill Press

    The HM SBM-28F geared head drilling machine represents the pinnacle of precision engineering, designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern metalworking and manufacturing. This machine is not just a tool but a reliable partner for workshops aiming for efficiency, accuracy, and versatility in their operations.

    Key Features:

    • High Precision Drilling and Tapping: With a drilling capacity of up to 28mm in steel and tapping capacity of M16, the HM SBM-28F ensures precise and clean holes, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
    • Robust Motor and Variable Speeds: Powered by a 1.1 kW / 1.5 HP motor and featuring variable speeds from 75 to 3200 rpm, it allows for optimal drilling performance across different materials.
    • Durability and Stability: Constructed with high-grade materials, the HM SBM-28F is built to withstand rigorous use in any manufacturing or engineering environment. Its design ensures stability and minimizes vibration for precise operations.
    • User-Friendly Design: Designed with the user in mind, this machine features an intuitive layout, easy speed adjustment, and a comfortable working area, making it accessible to operators of all skill levels.
    • Comprehensive Safety Features: Safety is paramount in any workshop. The HM SBM-28F is equipped with essential safety features, including a drill protection guard and emergency stop, to ensure a safe working environment.
    • Environmental Considerations: We are committed to sustainability. The HM SBM-28F is designed with eco-friendly practices in mind, including efficient energy use and advice on proper disposal of machine components.

    Included Accessories:

    Each HM SBM-28F drill press comes with a comprehensive set of accessories to get you started immediately, including drill chucks, taper shanks, and tools for maintenance and adjustments, ensuring that you have everything you need for seamless operation.

    Invest in Quality and Precision:

    Choosing the HM SBM-28F drill press means investing in a machine that will serve your workshop with reliability and precision for years to come. Its advanced features, combined with our commitment to quality and customer support, make it an invaluable asset for any metalworking operation.

    For detailed specifications, operational guidance, and more information on how the HM SBM-28F can enhance your manufacturing capabilities, visit our product specifications and download the comprehensive manual available on our website.