Digital Pressure Gauge Manometer – HTE2

Product Code: HYDROIL-20L-1

Engineered to enhance the performance and accuracy of hydraulic workshop presses, the HTE2 Series from Test Engineering Ltd seamlessly integrates with your metal fabrication machinery. These digital pressure gauges are not just tools but pivotal components that optimize the pressure monitoring and testing processes in manufacturing setups. With capabilities ranging from -1 to 1000 bar and an accuracy of <±0.5 FS, the HTE2 gauges ensure your presses operate within the desired parameters, improving both safety and efficiency in metal processing operations.

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    Optimized for Hydraulic Press Operations: The HTE2 Digital Pressure Gauges are an essential upgrade for any hydraulic press or metal fabrication machinery. By offering precise pressure readings and peak capture functionality, these gauges enable operators to maintain optimal pressure levels, ensuring the longevity and performance of your machinery. The rugged IP67-rated design ensures durability in industrial environments, while the backlit display and 320° rotatable screen make it easy to read pressure readings from any angle. With the HTE2 Series, you can easily integrate advanced pressure monitoring into your presses, elevating the standard of your metal fabrication processes.


    • Pressure Ranges: From -1 to 1000 bar
    • Accuracy: <±0.5 FS
    • Sampling Rate: 10 ms
    • Internal Resolution: AD converter 12 bit = 4096 steps
    • Temperature Influence: 0.05% FS / 10 K
    • Display Features: Actual value, MIN/MAX or Full Scale (FS), Bar graph with drag indicator, Sampling rate 50 ms
    • Battery Life: Approximately 1500 hrs (without backlight)
    • Protection: IP67, offering excellent dust and moisture resistance
    • Operating Temperature: 0…50 °C
    • Pressure Connection: Stainless steel 1.4404, G¼” BSPP (ISO 1179-2) with NBR gasket
    • Housing: Zinc cast with rubber protection, Ø = 79 mm, Thickness = 33 mm, Weight: 540 g

    Features of the Gauge:

    • Exact and reliable measurement with high operational readiness
    • Easy and clear readout with a backlit display
    • IP67 protection, suitable for harsh environments
    • Powered by 2 x standard AA batteries
    • Supplemental min/max peak capture for detailed pressure analysis
    • Compact and rugged design with a 320° rotatable display for flexible viewing angles

    Maximize the efficiency and precision of your hydraulic presses with the HTE2 Digital Pressure Gauges. Designed for seamless integration, these gauges offer real-time pressure monitoring, enhancing operational safety and product quality in metal fabrication.