Profile Bending Machine PB-40-3

Product Code: PB12090-PB 40-3

The PB 40-3 Profi Bender is a Profile bending machine that can be used to flat bar the easy way or hard way, solid square bar, solid round bar, tubing, pipe, rectangle tubing, box section, L-section leg in or leg out, T-Section leg in or leg out, U-section legs in or legs out, and I-Section.

The PB 40-3 has two working positions, vertical and horizontal, and has 3 driven rolls a standard but the operator can switch to 2 driven rolls by simply moving a lever on the side of the machine. The primary bending roll, the top roll has a position scale and is manually adjusted with a T-handle.

One of the most common machines in a manufacturing or fabrication facility is a machine called a Profile Bender. A Profile Bender does exactly what it says, it bends profiles. This type of machine also has many other names that descend directly from the overall versatility of this type of machine. Some common other names include Roll Bender, Profile Roller, Angle Roller, Section Roll, Ring Roller, Ring Bender, Ring Roll Bender, Section Bending Machines, Section Bender

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    Technical specifications

    • Shaft diameter [mm]: 40
    • Roll diameter [mm]: 150
    • Rotational speed of rollers [rpm]: 10
    • Voltage¬† [v/Hz]: 400/50
    • Driving motor [kW]: 1.5
    • Adjusting way [mm]: 120
    • Weight [kg]: 355
    • Total length [mm]: 1100
    • Total width [mm]: 800
    • Total height [mm]: 1400


    • Bend roll adjustment manual
    • Two working positions
    • Three driven rolls
    • Sections roll standard
    • Foot pedal operated
    • CE certified (Made in EU)

    Optional accessories

    • Spiral bending device
    • Yoke
    • Distance rollers
    • Rolls for tube, pipe, box section, custom profiles

    Profile Bender Capacity Chart
    Profile Bender Capacity Chart

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    Profile Benders FAQs

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    Profile benders are used to roll out profiles of materials into rings, circles, or sections of a ring or circle and the industries that use profile bending machines are vast and many and some of the uses for ring rollers are to build handrail around buildings, to design metal art, unique components of roll cages for race cars of all types, safety rails and structures around industrial sites and machinery, pulpits on boats, street furniture such as benches and bollards, ships internal and external structures, bridge superstructures, airplane framework, automotive frames, boat and marine framework, and rail transport to name a few.

    Ring Rollers come in a wide variety of sizes. From very small machines that are used to make rings for jewellery all the way up to machines that can bend pipes that are 2 metres in diameter with 50mm wall thickness and larger still.

    All Profi Benders are manufactured in Europe and are CE Certified and with a 2-Year Warranty and are readily available from our stock.