Four Column Press • 220 Ton • Table Size 950 x 1200 mm • Vertical Daylight 750 mm • Between Columns 590 x 1200 mm • Guide Columns 120 mm Diameter

Product Code: 10170-PPMV-220

The RHTC 220-ton Four Column Profi Press has four 120 mm chrome-plated columns ensuring that the top plate always remains parallel.

The PPMV-220 Four Column Press comes with a 2-speed hydraulic unit that also implements an automatic high-speed disconnection.  This 220 Ton Press can be operated in manual, semi-auto, and automatic modes and is controlled with a low-voltage foot pedal.  A pressure switch and manometer that reads in tons are also standard with the machine.  All RHTC Profi Presses operate at 320 bar or less guaranteeing a longer lasting and more durable press.

The machine has a useful table size of 1200 x 950 mm and a distance between columns of 1200 x 590 mm.  Both the slide and bolster plate have industry-standard T-Grooves suitable for attaching die systems and various tools, dies, jigs, fixtures, and other production apparatus.  The main piston has an adjustable stroke controlled with end-switches which extends to a maximum of 450 mm and starts its pressing process with a maximum approach speed of 17 mm/s slowing down into a working speed of 3.8 mm/s.  Once the cycle is complete the cylinder returns to the home position at a rate of 30 mm/s.

The work opening has a vertical shut height of 750 mm, which is then complemented by a bottom working table height of 900 mm.

All RHTC presses are manufactured in Europe and according to the most recent CE Directives and come delivered with a 2-year warranty and a CE Certificate.

All machines are customisable.


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    Technical specifications

    • Force [tn]: 220
    • Motor power [kw]: 11
    • Working speed [mm/sec]: 3.8
    • Approaching speed [mm/sec]: 17
    • Return speed [mm/sec]: 30
    • Piston stroke [mm]: 450
    • Guides diameter [mm]: 120
    • Table size [mm]: 1200 x 950
    • Between columns [mm]: 1200 x 590
    • Slide Table Parallelism: +/- 0.2 mm over 1 metre
    • Daylight Max. [mm]: 750
    • Working height [mm]: 900
    • Total length (lateral) [mm]: 1450
    • Total width (frontal) [mm]: 2240
    • Total height [mm]: 3125
    • Weight [mm]: 8500


    • Rigid and robust machine frame
    • Upper- and lower table with T-grooves
    • Four chromed and rectified cylinder columns for a perfect parallelism
    • Adjustable piston stroke with end-stroke switches
    • Selector for manual / semi-automatic / automatic mode
    • Selector for working with 1 or 2 speeds
    • Pressure switch and manometer

    Optional accessories

    • Proportional valves of pressure and flow
    • PLC SIEMENS mod. SIMATIC S7 1200 with 7” touch screen mod. KTP-700
    • A frontal sliding lower table
    • Adaptations to robotics
    • Hydraulic connections for peripheral systems
    • High speed approach by prefilling valves and lateral cylinders
    • Hydraulic cushion
    • Hydraulic ejector placed in the upper- or lower table or in both tables
    • Cooling equipment for the hydraulic group by an air-oil cooling system

    Four Column Presses Chart

    Profi Press Four Column Hydraulic Presses

    Designed to carry out deep-drawing, die-cutting, metal forming, stamping and pressing processes to an extremely high degree of accuracy. The Four Column Hydraulic Press category offers a variety of tonnages, table sizes, and distances between columns.
    The four post hydraulic presses have four cylindrical chromed columns with lateral rails ensuring perfect alignment of the upper slide table. The stroke of the primary cylinder is controlled from the side control panel.

    The main hydraulic unit is a two-speed unit with a selector for the two different cylinder speeds, fast approach speed, and slow working speed. The four post hydraulic presses also feature a selector for the manual, semi-automatic or automatic operation./h3>

    CE Certificate

    This press comes with a standard 2-Year Warranty and a CE Certificate as standard.

    All Profi Presses by RHTC are customisable, integrative, and have custom tools available.
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