Scantool 150X Industrial Belt Grinder with Extraction Unit

Product Code: 430237240

The Scantool 150X Industrial Belt Grinder comes an adjustable tool rest along with a topside grinding surface that has a protective cover. The X models come equipped with a port that allows for easy connection of a Dust Extraction Unit and comes standard come with a powerful built-in double exhaust system with a dust bag as a standard accessory. Dust bag - All built-in exhaust systems are delivered with a dust bag. If you wish to upgrade your exhaust system then a Cyclone Dust Extraction Central Exhaust System can easily be attached. The with dust collection is the perfect solution for the trouble-free collection of dust. The 150 series Industrial Belt Grinders are equipped with a brake motor so ensuring you achieve maximum operator safety and in addition, it comes with an easily accessible emergency stop. As standard, it is outfitted with a detachable spark arrestor and an adjustable eye shield. All Scantool Industrial Belt Grinders are super reliable and are simple and practical to operate. An integrated belt travel adjustment ensures proper positioning of the belt and ensures a longer lifetime of the contact wheel. Being that the belt travel is adjustment is located near to the axle of the contact wheel makes easy for the operator to check the belt position before you start each grinding operation. Belt changes are a breeze due to the implementation of a quick belt release handle which enables the operator to change the grinding belt in just a few seconds and without using any tools. There is a large topside surface table and each belt grinder has an extra-large surface grinding table. These top-quality belt grinders have a large tilting radius allowing the operator to position the grinding head offers to an optimal working position. The contact wheels as a standard are delivered in 70 durometer. Harder or softer rubber wheels are available on request. All Scantool high-grade industrial belt grinders are built with only the best quality motors which enables us to offer a 5-year guarantee on the motor.

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    Technical specifications for Scantool 150X Industrial Belt Grinder with Extraction Unit

    • Grinding belt: 150 x 2000 mm
    • Voltage: 3-Ph 400V 50 Hz
    • Rpm: 3000
    • Wheel size: 200 x 150 x 420 mm
    • Motor: 4.8 Hp
    • Grinding Table: 605 mm
    • Exhaust: 600 m³ per Hour
    • Measurement. L x W x H: 1025 x 600 x 1000 mm
    • Weight: 114 Kg

    Scantool Belt Grinders Chart

    Belt Grinders Belt Grinders for ferrous and non-ferrous metals[/caption]ool Industrial Belt Grinders are made for industrial purposes and all standard models come with an outlet to attach a central exhaust system. Scantool belt metal grinders are available with or without a powerful built-in double exhaust system (Systems with exhaust are designated by “X” at the end of the part number.) A dust bag is a standard accessory for all models. All grinding systems can be connected to the Scantool high-quality optional extra Scantool Cyclone Dust Collection System is designed to be the perfect solution for the trouble-free collection of dust. Grinding Systems with a standard Brake Motor provide you with maximum safety. All Scantool Industrial Grinding Systems are reliable, simple to use, offer practical operation, all adjustments are easy and quick to carry out including belt changeovers. All Belt Grinders from Scantool offer a 5-year guarantee on the motor.