Scantool Guillotine Shear Model 1250-40SM for Metal

Product Code: 00761255

Scantool motorised power shears are extra heavy-duty guillotine shears design for a wide variety of manufacturing.  This guillotine has an all-welded construction with a low knife angle guaranteeing minimum torsion and a burr-free cut.  This shear has a short distance from the sheet holder to the cutting line and the cutter bar has a double eccentric drive enabling quick, precise, and quiet cutting.

The Scantool power shears are manufactured with an appropriate working height, self-lubricating guides, spherical ball bearings, and a large range of optional accessories is offered.  The new design

features a timeless and modern round shape with soft corners which is timeless and modern so it not only performs fantastic but looks fantastic also.  Scantool metal fabricating machines are manufactured in the EU with only the best materials and components.  This Guillotine shear offers functionality such as an RTO patented feature which automatically and directly cut pieces below 400mm of length out at the front to the operator.  Ergonomically designed the cut-piece falls into a tray which is placed at a height that is correct for the operator allowing the operator to keep their gloves on and remove the cut-piece without having to bend down to the floor.  These shears are designed with serviceability in mind and implement a newly developed knife gib adjustment providing access from the front of the shear when replacing knives. This machine is built in the EU and comes with a 2 Year Warranty. It is CE Certified.

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    Technical specifications

    • Model: Scantool 1250-40SM
    • Working Length: 1275 mm
    • Thickness (Mild Steel ST37): 4 mm
    • Cutting Angle: 2.4°
    • Strokes / minute: 40
    • Motor: 4 Kw
    • Dimensions: 2100 x 2000 x 1500 mm
    • Weight: 1350 Kg


    • Plane worktable
    • Safety system according to CE regulations
    • Manual back gauge 650 mm
    • Rubber-coated sheet holder
    • Safety equipment in accordance with CE
    • Angle stop
    • Return to operator feature
    • Cut counter
    • Manual back gauge with hand wheel and mm counter
    • Mirror illumination of the cutting line by LED light
    • Table extensions of 600 mm (2 pcs.)
    • Squaring arm
    • Rear light-guarding system
    • Double eccentric drive on cutter bar
    • Self-lubricating guide-ways
    • Low knife angle and burr free cutting
    • Rubber coated sheet hold-down
    • Single or multi-cutting option for better efficiency
    • Moveable foot pedal with emergency stop
    • Adjustment of knife gib service from front of the machine

    Available Options

    • Motorised back gauge
    • Sheet catcher/support
    • Special blades for cutting stainless steel sheets
    • Table extension and angle stop with millimetre gauge and tilt stop
    • Adjustable angle stop with millimetre gauge and tilt stop


    Guillotine Shears

    Guillotine Shears can be manually, electrically, or pneumatically powered and are designed to cut large pieces of sheet metal into smaller strips and shapes and cut in straight line. The capacity of metal guillotines shears vary greatly and their overall size and weight typically correlate with their top-end cutting capacity.