Motorised Guillotine Metal Shear • 3mm Mild Steel • 1.5mm Stainless • 2025mm Cutting Length

Product Code: 00762502

SCANTOOL proudly presents the Motorised Power Shears SCANTOOL 2000-30SM, equipped with a motorized back gauge and designed with a focus on modern aesthetics, quality, functionality, and ergonomics. These shears feature a new round shape with soft corners, offering a timeless and contemporary design.

Manufactured from the finest materials and components at our production facility in Poland, these shears are built to last. The innovative RTO patented feature directs cut pieces below 400 mm in length to the front, ensuring easy access for the operator. The ergonomically placed tray allows operators to remove cut pieces without bending, maintaining comfort and safety during operation. Additionally, the new knife gap adjustment system allows for easy adjustments from the front, simplifying maintenance and servicing.

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    The SCANTOOL 2000-30SM Motorised Power Shears offer high precision and reliability in metal cutting operations. These shears are designed with an emphasis on quality, functionality, and operator ergonomics. The RTO system automatically directs cut pieces under 400 mm to the operator, enhancing efficiency and safety. The ergonomically placed tray allows operators to retrieve cut pieces easily without excessive bending. The shears are equipped with a new knife gap adjustment feature for straightforward servicing and maintenance.

    Technical Specifications

    • Capacity: 2025 x 3.0 mm
    • Sheet Thickness Steel: 3.0 mm
    • Working Length: 2025 mm
    • Motor: 4 kW
    • Cutting Angle: 1.38°
    • Cutting/Minute: 38
    • Manual Back Gauge: Yes
    • Width: 2000 mm
    • Length: 2900 mm
    • Height: 1500 mm
    • Net Weight: 1750 kg


    • Round shape with soft corners for a modern and timeless look.


    • Manufactured in Poland with the highest quality materials and components.


    • RTO patented feature directs cut pieces below 400 mm to the front.
    • Mirror for easy reading of the cutting line.
    • Adjustable blade splitting from the front for easy servicing.


    • Ergonomically placed tray for cut-piece retrieval.
    • Allows operators to keep gloves on and maintain comfort during operation.

    Standard Equipment:

    • Patented RTO system (return to operator of items)
    • Average counter
    • Motorized plate stop
    • Mirror for comfortable reading of the cutting line
    • Table extensions (2 pcs., 600 mm each)
    • Angle stop
    • Safety equipment with light beam
    • Double eccentric pull on the cutter bar
    • Self-lubricating slide guides
    • Low blade angle for a burr-free cut
    • Rubber coated plate holder
    • Single or multi-clip function
    • Removable foot pedal with emergency stop
    • Adjustable blade splitting from the front

    Bullet Point List for Industries Using the Machine and Their Uses

    • Metal Fabrication: Accurate cutting of metal sheets and plates
    • Manufacturing: Efficient production of metal parts
    • Construction: Cutting metal components for building projects
    • Automotive: Fabrication of automotive parts

    Features and Uses

    • Modern and ergonomic design
    • High-quality construction
    • RTO system for easy cut-piece retrieval
    • Easy knife gap adjustment from the front
    • Equipped with safety equipment and light beam
    • Ideal for precision metal cutting

    Modern design motorised power shears with a motorized back gauge, featuring the innovative RTO system for easy cut-piece retrieval. High-quality materials and ergonomic design ensure top performance and operator comfort.