TS Series from ERLO • Floor Standing • Manual Feed • Gear Drive • Drilling 25-30 mm • Tapping M2-M25 • MT3

Product Code: TS-SERIES-ERLO

The TS-SERIES Column Pillar Drills are a powerful and versatile drill that is designed and built in the EU to enhance precision and efficiency in your drilling tasks.

It is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your drilling needs, including a precise manual feed for seamless control, a geare transmission or optimal power, a rotating headstock for easy adjustment of the drilling angle, a moveable table for enhanced flexibility, an adjustable depth end for controlled drilling depths, a built-in lighting equipment for clear visibility, a tool ejector for easy removal of drill bits, a motor guard, an emergency E-Stop push button along with a main switch for safety.

The TS-SERIES industrial column pillar drills has a turning sense selector for efficient drilling in both directions, low-voltage electrical equipment for safe operation, a separate cabinet for the electrical equipment, a drill guard with a micro-switch for operator safety, and a table that is stable and durable.

The TS.SERIES Industrial Drills for Metal ARE CE certified meeting stringent European safety standards.

Upgrade your drilling capabilities with our feature-rich, reliable, and CE-certified Column Pillar Drill. Experience enhanced precision, efficiency, and safety in all your drilling endeavors.

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    • Description
    • Additional Info
    TS.25 TS.30
    Series TS & TSA – Column Pilar Drills – Gear Driven
    Drilling capacity (mm): 25 30
    Tapping capacity (mm): M22 M25
    Transmission: Gear Gear
    Speed Range (8) (w/o variator): 65 to 3060 65 to 3060
    Speed Range A,B,C,D (with variator) (rpm): 45 to 3100 V45 to 3100
    Feed: Manual Manual
    Motor (w/o variator) (hp): 1.1/1.6 1.5/1.9
    Motor (w/ variator) (hp): 2 2
    Spindle cone: MT3 MT3
    Spindle stroke (mm): 120 120
    Spindle stroke with hydro block (series ts) (mm): 90 90
    Distance spindle-column (mm): 250 250
    Distance spindle-table (Min/Max mm): 170 / 660 170 / 660
    Distance spindle-base (mm): 1216 1216
    Column diameter (Ø mm): 100 100
    Table (mm): 270 x 300 270 x 300
    Base w/o coolant (mm): 600 x 380 600 x 380
    Base w/ coolant (mm): 665 x 400 665 x 400
    CE Certified: Yes Yes
    Weight Net/Gross (kg): 260 / 320 260 / 320
    Packaging (mm):  2200 x 600 x 900   2200 x 600 x 900


    • Gear Driven
    • Rotating Headstock
    • Moveable Table
    • Adjustable depth end
    • Lighting equipment
    • Tool ejector
    • Motor guard and emergency push button
    • Main switch
    • Turning sense selector
    • Electrical equipment at low voltage
    • Electrical equipment in a separate cabinet
    • Drill Guard with Micro-Switch
    • Fixed table
    • CE Certified

    Optional Equipment

    • Frontal wheel for fine sensitive feed (only for ts serie) (V – 10020)
    • Speed digital reader (for models with electronic variator) (TAK – 10021)
    • Depth digital reader (LBC – 10022)
    • Extra price for electronic variator (VE – 10023)
    • Manual tapping system ir/rs (IR/RS – 10042)
    • Manual tapping system ir/rs (for models with variator) (IR/RS (VE) – 10043)
    • Automatic tapping system by lead screw (includes one tapping pitch) (RHP – 20070)
    • Rotating table (MG – 20082)
    • Cycles counter (for machines with hidroblock) (CC – 10085)
    • Column supplement 200 mm. (SC – 10110)
    • Extra price for hydroblock equipment (only for ts serie) (HB – 10120)
    • Coolant equipment (ERB – 91118)

    Options and Accessories

    • Automatic Longitudinal Displacement by Motorized Feed Box
    • Automatic Tapping System by Lead Screw (includes one tapping pitch)
    • Automatic Tapping System by Lead Screw with Bracing Device
    • Automatic Tool Adjustment for Cone ISO
    • Automatic transversal displacement by motorized feed box
    • Auxillary Table 1000 x 280. STROKE X=700 / Y=250 mm.
    • Auxillary Table 340 x 190. STROKE X=220 / Y=140 mm.
    • Auxillary Table 430 x 240. STROKE X=280 / Y=180 mm.
    • Auxillary Table 600 x 240. STROKE X=400 / Y=180 mm.
    • Auxillary Table 800 x 280. STROKE X=500 / Y=250 mm.
    • Base cabinet for Benchtop Models
    • Base cabinet with 2 shelves for Benchtop Models
    • Base cabinet with door and shelves for Benchtop Models
    • Collet holder Set with Key,Box and Locking Nut
    • Column Enlargement to 200 mm
    • Column Enlargement to 250 mm
    • Coolant System
    • Cycles Counter
    • Depth Digital Reader
    • DRO – 1 Axis – In Command Plate by Articulated Arm
    • DRO – 2 Axis – In Command Plate by Articulated Arm
    • DRO – 3 Axis – In Command Plate by Articulated Arm)
    • Electronic Speed Controller and DRO
    • Fixed Fixture Jig with 150 mm Opening – 160mm Jaws
    • Fixed Fixture Jig with Opening 116 mm – 125 Jaws
    • Fixed Fixture Jig with Opening 160 mm – 125 Jaws
    • Fixed Fixture Jig with Opening of 116 mm – Jaws width 105 mm
    • Fixed Fixture Jig with Opening of 157 mm – Jaws width 125 mm
    • Fixed Fixture Jig with Opening of 190 mm – Jaws width 150 mm
    • Fixed Intermediate Table
    • Fixed table 850 x 600 for Models
    • Foot Pedal for Cycle Start
    • Foot Switch Emergency Stop
    • Foot Switch for Spindle Turning with Sensing for Tapping
    • Handwheel for Fine Sensitive Feed
    • Hydroblock Equipment
    • Integral Drilling Cycle for Tubes and Profiles

    Options and Accessories (cont.)

    • ISO 30 Spindle
    • ISO 40 Spindle
    • Lead Screw – Special Pitch
    • Lead Screw – Standard Pitch
    • Lead screw, Standard pitch
    • Lighting Equipment for Work Area
    • Manual Tapping System
    • Motor for Replacement with 750/1500 RPM
    • Motorized table with fixed support and fixed table 850 x 600
    • Motorized table with Rotating Support
    • Multi-Spindle Headstock
    • Multi-Spindle Headstock Guide
    • Pneumatic Balancing
    • Quick Closing and Opening Vice with 125 mm Opening
    • Quick Closing and Opening Vice with 80 mm Opening
    • Quick Lock Drill Chuck – 1to 16 mm MT3
    • Quick Lock Drill Chuck – 1to 16 mm MT4
    • Quick Lock Drill Chuck – 1to 16 mm MT5
    • Rapid Approach and Return
    • Reduced feeds (50% standard range)
    • Reduction Tapers MT2 to MT2 MT1
    • Reduction Tapers MT3 to MT2 MT1
    • Reduction Tapers MT4 to MT3 MT2 MT1
    • Reduction Tapers MT5 to MT4 MT3 MT2 MT1
    • Reversible Rotating Table with Vice
    • Reversible Tap Holder – Capacity M.10 TO M.28
    • Reversible Tap Holder – Capacity M.3 TO M.12
    • Reversible Tap Holder – Capacity M.6 TO M.20
    • Rotating Fixture Jig with Opening 116 mm and Jaws 105 mm
    • Rotating Fixture Jig with Opening 157 mm and Jaws 125 mm
    • Rotating Fixture Jig with Opening 190 mm and Jaws 110 mm
    • Rotating and Tilting Table
    • Rotating Base with 150 mm Opening and 160mm Jaws
    • Rotating Intermediate Table
    • Rotating table
    • Self Center Vice with 110 mm Opening and 128 mm width
    • Table with Automatic Horizontal Feed with Motorised Feed
    • Tap Holder Locket Nut

    Erlo: Tradition and Innovation in Drilling and Tapping Machines

    Erlo is a leading manufacturer of drilling and tapping machines, with over 50 years of experience in the industry. ERLO is known for reliable and durable machines, which are made with high-quality materials and components. ERLO’s machines are also easy to use and maintain, making them a good choice for machinists and metal fabricators of all levels of experience.

    In addition to the standard range of drilling and tapping machines, also offered are customized solutions for specific applications are designed with a deep understanding of the custoer’s needs and the machine designs meet those needs perfectly.

    It is the belief that tradition and innovation go hand-in-hand and ERLO has a committment to providing their customers with the latest technology and also value the traditional values of craftsmanship and quality.

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