Tube and Pipe Notcher – 150RB

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Don't miss out on our LIMITED TIME SPECIAL OFFERfor the brand-new Scantool 150RB, a versatile and efficient machine now available at an exclusive discounted rate. The Scantool 150RB is not just a pipe notcher; it's a multi-functional tool designed to handle a variety of tasks in your workshop. Capable of grinding pipes with diameters ranging from 17 mm to 100 mm, this machine is perfect for working with all types of pipes including round, square, and solid.

One of the standout features of the Scantool 150RB is its adaptability. Beyond its primary function as a pipe notcher, it can be easily converted into a standard belt sander for additional grinding tasks. Moreover, it can accommodate a centreless unit, making it a 3-in-1 machine that can handle pipe grinding, standard grinding, and centreless grinding.

The machine comes CE Certified and with a 2-year guarantee, ensuring quality and reliability. Its technical specifications are impressive, featuring a grinding angle range of 0-60°, a grinding belt size of 150x2250 mm or 150x2000 mm, and a grinding table size of 150x605 mm. With a motor power of 4.8 HP and a net weight of 140 kg, this machine is built for heavy-duty tasks. It operates at spindle speeds of 2800/3300 RPM and has a saw speed of 30 m/min, all powered by a 3x400/440V-50/60 Hz voltage.

Act now to secure this high-performance, versatile Scantool 150RB for your workshop at a special discounted rate. Enhance your workshop's capabilities and efficiency with this all-in-one grinding solution.

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    Technical specification for Tube and Pipe Notcher – 150RB

    • On Pedestal
    • Without exhaust
    • Grinding angles 0-60°
    • Grinding belt (mm) 150×2250 / 150×2000
    • Grinding table (mm) 150×605
    • Machine height (mm) 1020
    • Machine length (mm) 1350
    • Machine width (mm) 570
    • Motor (HP) 4,8
    • Net weight (kg) 140
    • Number of spindle speeds 1
    • Pipe dimension (ø mm) 17-100
    • Rpm 2800/3300
    • Saw speed (m/min) 30
    • Voltage 3×400/440V-50/60 Hz

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    Tube & Pipe Notchers

    Tube notchers are an essential bit of equipment especially in a workshop were handrails, roll cages, and tubular structures are manufactured. A high-quality tube notcher can save a business time and money and at the same time improve the quality of products produced.