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Why should I choose a 160-ton Hydraulic Press for Workshops?

In the world of machining, precision and power go hand-in-hand. A 160-ton workshop press is a powerhouse that can elevate your workshop’s capabilities, streamline production, and boost your bottom line. Let’s explore why this machine isn’t just an acquisition, but an investment in your company’s success:

    • Unmatched Force for Demanding Tasks: With its ability to exert a massive 160 tons of force, this press effortlessly tackles jobs that would strain smaller units. Furthermore, from bending and straightening heavy gauge metal to forming and shaping intricate components, this machine has the muscle to handle your toughest projects.

    • Efficiency and Time Savings: The motorised/manual functionality of a 160-ton press offers both speed and precision. The motorised mode delivers rapid action for large-scale work, while the manual mode allows for fine-tuned adjustments during intricate operations. This translates to quicker turnaround times and increased productivity.

    • Durability for the Long Haul: Industrial-grade construction and high-quality components make this press a workhorse built to last. You’re investing in a machine that will withstand years of rigorous use, minimising downtime and maintenance costs.

    • Expanded Machining Capabilities: A 160-ton press opens doors to new projects and services you may not have been able to offer before. Broaching, punching, deep drawing, and assembly tasks become achievable in-house, increasing your workshop’s value proposition to clients.

What are the key features?



How can I customise my 160-Ton Hydraulic Press for Workshops?

    • Bespoke Dimensions: Need specific dimensions? We’ve got you covered.
    • System Integrations: Seamlessly integrate the press into your existing workflow.
    • Optional Tools: From V-Block sets to custom tools, enhance your press’s capabilities with our range of accessories.

Contact us today for a helping hand in customising your dream 160-Ton Hydraulic Press!

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