Workshop Press • 160 Ton Customized

Product Code: 10083-Special

Discover unparalleled precision with our 160 Ton Hydraulic Workshop Press, displayed with bespoke tooling for bending pipe brackets. This powerhouse is engineered for efficiency, featuring a custom work table and piston end to accommodate unique pipe bending needs. Perfect for 10 mm thick, 600 mm long, and 100 mm wide mild steel brackets with prepunched ends, it's the ideal solution for specialized manufacturing processes.

The possibilities with our workshop presses are endless!

The video below shows you how you can bend tube clamps with our 160 ton workshop press. Easy does it, as you can see in this video.

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    Our 160 Ton Hydraulic Workshop Press comes equipped with bespoke tooling features designed to enhance your manufacturing capabilities. The added work table and specialized piston end allow for the precise bending of pipe brackets, ensuring accuracy and consistency in every operation. With an easy-to-use joystick control and adjustable press pressure, this machine is built to meet the rigorous demands of modern production environments.

    Technical Features

    • 160 Ton pressing capacity for heavy-duty operations
    • Customizable work table for specialized projects
    • Piston end designed for bespoke tooling
    • Joystick operation for precise control
    • Adjustable press force via power pack knob
    • Designed for 10 mm thick, 600 mm long, 100 mm wide mild steel brackets
    • Pre-punched holes compatibility for efficient processing
    • High-quality hydraulic system for consistent performance
    • Robust construction for durability and long service life
    • User-friendly interface for easy operation and adjustments

    Product Uses

    • Bending pipe brackets for industrial applications
    • Manufacturing supports and frames for construction
    • Custom fabrication of components for machinery
    • Precision bending for automotive parts
    • Creation of brackets for shelving and storage solutions
    • Fabricating metal components for aerospace applications
    • Producing custom fittings for plumbing and HVAC systems
    • Bending metal for artistic and decorative purposes
    • Custom tooling applications in manufacturing
    • Prototyping metal parts for research and development

    Elevate your manufacturing process with our 160 Ton Hydraulic Press, tailored for pipe bracket bending. This unit includes a custom work table and piston end for specialized tooling, offering precise control and versatility for your production needs. Ideal for brackets up to 10 mm thick, 600 mm long, and 100 mm wide.