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Summary. The HB-28 RHTC horizontal press machine, made of top-quality materials, weighs 800 Kg and delivers 28 tons of pressure, suitable for various metalworking tasks. This horizontal press can be equipped with diverse tooling and offers precise pressure and speed adjustments. Features include a robust work table, standard tool set, touchscreen controls, and different operating modes. The Workshop Press Company UK provides these high-quality presses, customisable to individual needs.


The HB-28 RHTC horizontal press machine is built with nothing but top-quality material and components. In addition, it has an overall weight of 800 Kg. The horizontal bending and straightening press from Profi Press can be used for many different metalworking jobs. It has an overall bending capacity of 200 x 10 flat steel in mild steel. In addition, delivers 28 tons of pressure. It can be equipped with all kinds of tooling for specific bending or straightening jobs.

It has a piston cylinder diameter of 130 mm and a piston rod that offers a 192 mm stroke. This horizontal press machine comes fitted with a pressure-flow adjustment valve that allows you to accurately regulate the hydraulic pressure, which determines the pressing force and speed of the press. An integrated manometer displays the hydraulic system pressure. The maximum pressure of the hydraulic cylinder is 200 bar. The hydraulic cylinder is driven by a 4 kW (5.5 Hp) top quality 3-Phase motor as standard. However, 1-Phase motors are also available, both of which can be 50 or 60 Hz versions. The European hydraulic pump delivers 8 litres per minute drawing from a 30 litre tank for hydraulic oil. This top-quality European hydraulic system provides working speeds from 2 to 9.8 mm per second and return speeds of 20 mm per second.

The HB-28 Hydraulic Horizontal Press


The HB-28 horizontal press is feature-rich. From a control standpoint, it offers 4 emergency stops. The first located on the control box top next to the touchscreen controller. The other integrated E-Stops are located on the left and right-hand sides of the cabinet towards the front of the machine. Furthermore, there is an E-Stop mechanism incorporated into the foot pedals. This is so that the operator can fully depress the foot pedals, to stop the machine when needed in a safety situation.

Another control feature is the pressure control knob. This comes with a pressure manometer, that enables the operator to accurately dial in the required pressure. Alongside the pressure controls, is a speed control knob.

The Work Table

The table is a robust 60 mm thick. It has a useable area of 550 mm L x 300 mm with four pin holes that 70mm diameter. The pinholes are lined with a tool steel washer that eliminates the long-term effects of bending pressures on the table itself. This enables the owner to replace the washers when worn. The work table is precision CNC machined with integrated graduated scale on the table surface.

The Tool Set

The HB-28 hydraulic horizontal press comes with a standard tool set. It has a Height of 200 mm and includes a Multi-Vee that has outside dimensions of 99999 x 99999 with 4 openings of 16 mm, 25 mm, 35 mm, and 55 mm. On the end of the cylinder piston is a tool holder face plate accurately CNC machined with DIN 650 slots. This enables a wide variety of toolsets to be attached and implemented. The faceplate also comes with 4 drilled and tapped 12 mm holes in the corners. In addition, the standard toolset has a V-Die Pin with a 1.5 mm radius and 3 Tool Pins with 70 mm diameters.

System Controls On This Horizontal Press

The system controls highlight is the Schneider ProFace touchscreen, LTM4000M Colour 145 mm Human Machine Interface (HMI).  This controller is also used on the PPC-28, 50, and 80 C-Frame models. The ProFace touchscreen controller can store up to 100 programs. Each program has from 1 to 6 steps per program. Each step has programming parameters for the max value. This is forward bending position. The min value, is the position that the cylinder returns to after reaching the max value. Each program can be named with Alpha-Numeric characters. This allows the operator to name the programs according to customer, part number, article number. Or any other moniker that suits the fabrication firm using the HB-28 press.

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Mode Selector Switch On the HB-28 Horizontal Press

Other substantial control features on this horizontal press is a mode selector switch with a key lock-off feature. The key enables the works manager to lock off the operating mode. This eliminates operator tampering, once the machine is set for a production run. The mode selector has 3 modes. The first being manual mode, useful for tool setup, program setup, and one-off manual bends.

The second mode is auto mode which is used after a program is selected through the touchscreen interface. A main function of auto mode is running a program in full. Another is running chosen steps, within a program, in a repetitive fashion for production bending.  A cycle dwell time can be set so that the piston delays when the programmed max value is reached.

The third mode is neutral (0). In this mode, the operator can adjust system parameters. For instance, 6 different languages, end of cycle dwell time, and system stats, such as run hours and completed cycles can be viewed.

Manual Mode

Some additional features of the manual mode are that you can select a program from 1 to 100. In addition, modify the program to suit your production needs. This is done with the touchscreen interface. It is within the manual mode where the operator carries out modifications to a program. It is here where naming of the program is carried out. As well as, defining the min and max values for each of the 6 possible program steps within the program. Individually selected program steps can be run within the manual mode. The min and max values are functional and adhered to, making this mode useful for 1 off bends and for the setting bending parameters when establishing a program. In this mode, the piston advances in step or inch mode. This means the ram advances or returns only when the foot pedal is depressed.

Auto Mode

Auto mode on this horizontal press has many additional features. It has the ability to quickly select a program that was pre-set in manual mode, through the touchscreen interface. Up to 100 previously established programs in the manual mode can be rapidly recalled. This is done using their desired and given names. For instance, drawing number, part number, customer name, or whatever else you chose. Consequently, eliminating the need for logbooks and engineering notations. Programs run in the auto mode are run for production purposes. All steps within the program or selected steps can be run. For example, if a program has the maximum of 6 steps, steps 2 to 4 can be chosen from within the program to run as a cycle. As previously mentioned, the dwell time can be set for when the ram reaches the programmed max position in auto mode.

Operating In Auto

Within the auto operating mode, the ram continues to move as long as the foot pedal is depressed by the operator. If the operator removes his foot, the ram stops.

In the forward-moving bending process of a program step, the ram continues to move. This is until it reaches the programmed max value for that step of the program. When the programmed max value for the step is reached, the ram returns to the programmed min value for that step of the program. The forward-moving or bending part of the step continues, as long as the operator holds down the foot pedal. When it reaches the max programmed position, the cycle continues. However, it reverses and the ram starts its return to the min programmed position for that step. Once the piston reaches the programmed min position for that step, the controller moves onto the next step of the program. This cycle continues until the last chosen step is attained. Furthermore, the program rolls back to the first chosen step of that program.

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