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Are looking for hydraulic press machines for sale? It’s likely that you face a wide variety to choose from. Here at Workshop Press, as leading hydraulic press machine suppliers, we’ve got many to choose from ourselves. Our metal fabrication machinery has been in use by many different industries and applications over the years. In addition, with our knowledge and experience, we can customise hydraulic press machines to meet your exact specifications. Having a custom hydraulic press enables you to support countless metal fabrication processes.

Types Of Hydraulic Press Machines

Before deciding on which customised hydraulic press machine to buy, it’s important to understand some of the common ones. Two popular types of press machines are:

C-Frame Presses

They are often referred to as a gap frame press. C-frame press machines are most known for their unique frame that forms a “c” shape. They deliver high force performances whilst keeping their compact footprint small. Additionally, they are best suited for smaller bed size applications and low tonnages.

4-Column Presses 

A 4-column customised hydraulic press can be designed to accommodate many different die sizes. They are ideal for component manufacturing applications that require high levels of rigidity. One key benefit is that they allow four-sided access to the working area. This type of hydraulic press machine is one of the most economical press machines on the market.

How Does A Customised Hydraulic Press Machine Work?

So do hydraulic press machines work? The process can differentiate slightly depending on the type of customised hydraulic press machine used. However, the general mechanical function of one is quite straightforward. The creation of the compressive force is through the use of a hydraulic cylinder. A hydraulic press operates by applying a small amount of pressure to the Plunger, this pushes the fluid underneath. After that, the pressure spreads evenly, raising another part of the machine called the Ram. The pressure created by the Plunger and the Ram is then used to crush an item (often sheet metal) that is placed in between them.

Can You Make Your Own Hydraulic Press?

These machines can be a costly investment, so you may be wondering “can you make your own hydraulic press?”. Generally speaking, for the level of tonnage and fabrication you are likely wanting to achieve, it is not possible to make your own hydraulic press machine. Especially one that would replicate the performance, efficiency, accuracy, and safety that our own hydraulic press machines can guarantee.

What Are The Advantages Of A Hydraulic Press For Production? 

The achievement of metal forming can be through lots of different production methods. Hydraulic press machines are in use for a range of applications. For instance, this includes compacting, assembling, forming, punching, embossing, and drawing. Customised hydraulic press machines such as the ones at Workshop Press, can be made to offer versatility in die space, pressure capabilities, stroke length, and more.

Some benefits of using these machines include:

  • Consistent pressure
  • Ability to vary stroke length for each part
  • Can handled variety of tonnages (unlike mechanical presses)
  • Freefall system which can optimise production speed

Custom Hydraulic Press Machines For Sale

If you would like to find out more about customised hydraulic press machines, then explore our website today. Alternatively, call +44 01926 562009 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team. As hydraulic press machine suppliers we can help you find the best machine for your application.

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