Workshop Press • 200 Ton • Customized Workshop Press

Product Code: 10085-SPECIAL

The 200-Ton Customized Workshop Press stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering high-performance hydraulic presses tailored to your specific needs. Engineered for precision and durability, this press features a table plate and piston rod extension that maintain a parallelism of 0.1 mm, ensuring unparalleled accuracy for a wide range of applications. Equipped with polycarbonate protection screens and integrated safety switches, this press prioritizes operator safety without compromising on performance.
To facilitate precise control over pressing pressure, our press is accompanied by a pressure regulator. The main cylinder can be operated manually using a hand pump or, in motorized mode, with the convenience of a joystick. With two available speeds, effortlessly adjustable using a hand lever, you can effortlessly adapt to your specific requirements.

A Hydraulic Workshop Press is an indispensable machine for every factory or manufacturing facility that harnesses hydraulic power to compress materials across various applications. While hydraulic presses are available in a wide range of qualities, at The Workshop Press Company UK we pride ourselves in exclusively offering the finest RHTC hydraulic workshop presses.

Our Profi Motorised Workshop Presses are proudly manufactured in the EU, adhering to rigorous CE certification standards. As testament to their exceptional quality and reliability, these presses are readily available from our stock, accompanied by a generous 2-year warranty.

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    Technical specifications

    • Pressing Force: 200 tons
    • Table Plate Dimensions: Customizable
    • Piston Rod Extension: Customizable
    • Parallelism: 0.1 mm between table and piston
    • Safety Features: Polycarbonate protection screens, integrated safety switches
    • Motor Power: Customizable
    • Working Speed: Customizable
    • Control System: Advanced PLC Control
    • Certification: CE Certified
    • Safety Measures: The press comes with polycarbonate protection screens that surround the entire working area, ensuring maximum safety during operations. Additionally, safety switches are integrated into the doors to prevent the press from operating when the doors are open.
    • Customization: We offer a range of customization options to meet your specific requirements, from table plate dimensions to motor power and control systems.
    • Customer Satisfaction: Our customer testimonials speak volumes about the quality and performance of our presses. We are committed to exceeding your expectations in every aspect, from product quality to after-sales service.


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    Discover the Essence of a Workshop Press

    A Workshop Press implements the power of hydraulics to compress and press materials across a diverse range of applications. While hydraulic presses exist in varying levels of quality, The Workshop Press Company UK exclusively offers premium-grade RHTC hydraulic workshop presses to the UK Market. Investing in an RHTC Hydraulic Press from us is a valuable contribution to your company’s profitability. Moreover, by incorporating hydraulic workshop press machinery into your workshop, maintenance, manufacturing, or assembly area, you unlock a world of expanded capabilities. Seamlessly perform a multitude of pressing processes, forming processes, folding, straightening, riveting, and other essential tasks. RHTC Profi Hydraulic Presses offer comprehensive functionality, durability, reliability, and stability. RHTC presses enable maximum utility and allow you to  accomplish tasks efficiently, save time, and most importantly, save money and increase profits.

    Endless Possibilities with a Workshop Press

    Workshop Presses find their utility in a wide array of applications, revolutionizing your shop’s productivity. Some typical uses of shop presses include metalwork bending and folding, providing stability during welding projects, punching holes, straightening uneven metal parts, precise bearing pressing, flattening warped components, separating rusted parts, efficient compression, crushing used oil filters to remove excess oil, automobile part construction, jewelry-making, ammunition production, and bracket bending. The versatility of a Workshop Press knows no bounds, enabling you to conquer a diverse range of tasks with ease and precision.