Hydraulic Press Accessories & Tooling Solutions for Precision Metalworking

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Our comprehensive range of hydraulic press accessories is engineered to enhance the versatility and efficiency of your metalworking operations. Designed for compatibility with workshop presses of all sizes, our accessories ensure precision and durability for various pressing applications. From die sets, press brake tools, and work tables to advanced safety features and control options, our selection caters to the needs of the modern manufacturing engineer. Each accessory is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and performance, ensuring seamless integration with your hydraulic presses.

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    Maximize the efficiency and versatility of your hydraulic press with our extensive selection of accessories. Our product range includes:

    • Die sets tailored for various applications.
    • Press brake tools and multi-vee dies for precise bending.
    • Ergonomically designed work tables for all press sizes.
    • Trolleys and carts for easy movement of dies and heavy workpieces.
    • Comprehensive V-Block solutions.
    • Precision mandrels and punching sets for accurate pressing.
    • Innovative tube and sheet metal notchers.
    • Rod cutters and multi-radius dies for exact trimming and rounding.
    • Advanced control options including foot pedals and dual hand buttons.
    • Enhanced safety features like cage guarding and light curtains. Our accessories are designed to be fully customizable, ensuring they meet your specific workshop needs.

    Optional Accessories & Tools:

    • V-Block sets for all sizes
    • Foot pedals for enhanced control
    • Hand controls for precision operation
    • Additional safety features including cage guarding and light curtains
    • System integrations for streamlined processes
    • Mandrel sets for various pressing tasks
    • Corner rounding notchers for precise angles
    • Wedge-shaped punches for intricate cuts
    • Corner notchers for clean sheet metal work
    • Hole punches in diverse shapes and sizes
    • Tube and pipe notching for perfect fits
    • Drain hole nibbler punch for efficient metalworking
    • Brake press tooling for versatile bending operations
    • Custom tools designed to meet specific requirements
    • Hydraulic Oil Iso 46 and other viscosities
    • Note: All tools are able to be customised to suit the customer’s requirements.

    Advanced Technical Specifications – Press Accessories

    • Die Sets: Engineered for high-strength applications, featuring precision-ground surfaces for optimal alignment and uniform pressure distribution.
    • Press Brake Tools: Manufactured from premium, wear-resistant tool steel, offering extended service life and compatibility with a range of press brake models. Includes precision-formed multi-vee dies for versatile bending operations.
    • Work Tables: Robust construction with adjustable height and orientation settings, facilitating ergonomic positioning for operators and accommodating workpieces of varying sizes.
    • Trolleys and Carts: Heavy-duty design with industrial-grade casters for smooth transportation of dies and large workpieces, featuring integrated locking mechanisms for stability during loading and unloading.
    • V-Blocks: Precision-machined from hardened steel for high durability, available in various sizes to support a wide range of pressing applications, ensuring accurate and repeatable results.
    • Pressing Mandrels: Tailored for complex pressing tasks, these mandrels are fabricated from high-tensile steel, ensuring precise alignment and deformation-free pressing.
    • Punching Sets: Comprehensive selection of punches and dies, crafted for sharpness and longevity, designed for clean and precise perforations in various metals and alloys.
    • Tube Notchers: Advanced design for accurate cod-mouthing of tubes, supporting a wide array of tube diameters, especially optimized for 42.2 mm, 48.3 mm, and 42.4 mm, ensuring perfect fit-up for welding operations.
    • Corner Notcher: High-precision tooling for clean and efficient notching of sheet metal corners, enabling accurate assembly and fabrication of complex structures.
    • Rod Cutters: Equipped with high-leverage cutting mechanisms for effortless trimming of rods to precise lengths, reducing material waste and improving fabrication efficiency.
    • Multi-Radius Die Tool: Versatile tooling option for creating rounded corners on sheet metal, available in standard and custom radius sizes, facilitating aesthetic and functional edge finishing.
    • Safety Features: Comprehensive range of safety enhancements, including light curtains and cage guarding, designed to meet rigorous industry standards and ensure operator safety during press operation.
    • Control Options: Includes foot pedal, push button, and dual hand button controls, offering intuitive operation and precise control over pressing cycles, enhancing productivity and operational safety.
    • Customization Options: All tools and accessories can be tailored to meet specific operational requirements, ensuring seamless integration with existing hydraulic press setups and optimizing manufacturing processes.

    Elevate your workshop’s capabilities with our premium hydraulic press accessories. Offering a wide array of tools including V-Blocks, pressing mandrels, punching sets, and safety enhancements, our products are designed to cater to every metalworking requirement. Ideal for enhancing productivity and precision in your pressing operations.