500 Ton Customized Production Press

Product Code: 10525-Special

The RHTC Profi Press also offers high-quality hydraulic production presses like the PPRM-500. This customized 500 tons Hydraulic Press equipped with a 100 tons hydraulic cushion with a 150mm stroke and Siemens numerical control. This Siemens NC-control allows the operator to digitally set press parameters and save them into several programs for an easy control of the hydraulic press.

All RHTC Profi Presses are made in Europe according to the latest CE Directives and Standards and delivered with a CE Certificate. This press comes with a standard 2-year warranty.

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    If you are also looking for a high quality Profi Press Production Press, from 80 to 500 ton, or maybe even custom-made?! Do not hesitate to contact us!

    Easily Integrated into Production Systems

    Due to its overall outstanding build quality and quality design, this hydraulic press can be easily be integrated into various production systems and system automated production lines as well.

    Whis is a Hydraulic Production Press?

    A Hydraulic Production Press is a machine press using a hydraulic cylinder to generate a compressive force and are commonly used for forging, clinching, moulding, blanking, punching, deep drawing, and metal forming operations. The hydraulic press is advantageous in manufacturing, it gives the ability to create more intricate shapes and can be economical with materials. Hydraulics Production Presses provide smooth, even pressure throughout the ram stroke with pressure controllability providing consistent pressure tonnage. The consistent pressing force provided by hydraulic production presses deforms materials bending and stretching the chosen material to match the size and shape of the press die. Hydraulic Presses form the same product repeatedly and are widely used around the world in the automotive industry as well as a wide variety of other industries such as appliances, computer components, kitchen items, titanium eyeglass frames, wristwatch cases, stainless steel cooking pots, knives, spoons, doorknobs, coins , electronic components, hard disk drive casings, electronic equipment components, and lithium-ion battery cases for cell-phones.

    What are Hydraulic Production Presses Used For?

    Hydraulic presses are commonly used for forging, clinching, moulding, blanking, punching, deep drawing, and metal forming operations. Hydraulic Production Presses give the ability to create intricate shapes and products of different sizes can be formed using presses, ranging from simple very simple shapes completed with a single pressing process to more sophisticated products requiring multiple progressive pressing processes. Hydraulic Production Presses offer flexibility in terms of product design and enable manufacturers to produce an extensive and diverse range of products while providing close to micron-level accuracy.

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