Advanced Safety Devices • Light Curtains • Bespoke Table Size • PPC Series C-Frame Press

Product Code: PPC-Series-Safety

Elevate your workshop safety standards with our premium Fixed Barriers and Light Curtains, designed to seamlessly integrate with your RHTC Profi Press machines including the PPC-28, PPC-50, and PPC-80 models. These safety devices are engineered in Europe, adhering to stringent CE directives, and offer an unparalleled layer of protection during high-force operations like stamping, punching, and riveting.

Optional guarding and light curtains can be added to your existing setup, enhancing operational safety without compromising efficiency. The light curtains are programmed to halt machine operation instantaneously upon detecting any foreign object, thereby minimizing the risk of accidents. For those seeking an extra layer of customization, bespoke table sizes are also available upon request.

Incorporating advanced safety features such as press guarding, these devices ensure that your machinery operates within the highest safety parameters, allowing you to focus on precision and productivity.

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    Technical specifications

    • CE Certified
    • Response Time: typical: <20 milliseconds
    • Light Curtain Sensing Distance: per customer spec.
    • Barrier Material: High-strength steel
    • Compatibility: PPC-28, PPC-50, PPC-80


    • CE Certified: Meets European safety standards.
    • Instant Stop Mechanism: Light curtains programmed for immediate halt upon obstruction detection.
    • Customization: Bespoke table sizes and additional accessories available.
    • Compatibility: Designed for PPC-28, PPC-50, and PPC-80 models.
    • Dual Mode: Fixed barriers for constant protection and light curtains for dynamic safety.
    • 2 year warranty

    Optional accessories

    • Working Area Guarding
    • Working Table – Bespoke Sizes
    • Light Curtains
    • Punch and Die Sets
    • Wedge Shaped Punch/Notcher
    • Tube / Pipe Notcher
    • Tube Hole Punch
    • Tube Flattening, Rounding, Punching
    • Rod Cutter
    • Corner Rounding for Sheet Metal
    • Slotted Hole Punch
    • Die Set for Various Press Tools
    • Press Brake Tools
    • Several punch tools for various applications
    • Bespoke Tools
    • Production Systems / Integration
    • Automated Feeding

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    Our safety devices are not just add-ons; they are integral components designed to elevate the safety and efficiency of your metal fabrication processes. Whether you are working with mild steel, copper, or stainless steel, these devices are versatile enough to handle various materials. For more information, feel free to contact us at +44 (0) 800 999 1090 or

    CE Certificate

    This press comes with a standard 2-Year Warranty and a CE Certificate as standard.

    All Profi Presses by RHTC are customisable, integrative, and have custom tools available.
    Please contact Workshoppress today with any questions by telephone at +44 (0) 800 999 1090, or by email at