C-Frame Press • PPC-50 • 50 Ton • Upper Piston • Lower Table • NC Stroke Control • Foot Pedals

Product Code: 10011

This 50 ton C-Frame Press is made in Europe. Suitable for cutting, punching and stamping or other metal working jobs. You can regulate the piston stroke with an electronic NC-controller. With this control-system it is possible to set the position of the piston stroke with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. When you need to hold the press in its lowest position under pressure, you easily adjust this holding time from 0 to 2 seconds.

2-year warranty.

The PPC-50 by RHTC Profi Press is manufactured in EU according to CE directives and delivered directly from our warehouse with CE Certification.

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    Technical specifications of this C-frame press
    • Pressure force [tn]: 50
    • Motor power [kW]: 5.5
    • Min. working speed [mm/sec]: 2
    • Max. working speed [mm/sec]: 9.8
    • Return speed [mm/sec]: 12.8
    • Piston stroke [mm]: 150
    • Piston Diameter [mm]: 80
    • Piston Hole Diameter [mm]: 40
    • Piston Tool Hole Depth [mm]: 73
    • Piston to Table Max [mm]: 320
    • Piston to Table Min [mm]: 170
    • Piston Grub Screw: M16
    • Piston Grub Screw Offest [mm]: 35
    • Vertical daylight [mm]: 325
    • Throat depth [mm]: 280
    • Table Working Height [mm]: 1086
    • Table size (L x W) [mm]: 650 x 500
    • Total Width Footprint[mm]: 850
    • Total Depth Footprint [mm]: 1050
    • Front to Back Max Distance [mm]: 1279
    • Total height [mm]: 2100
    • Weight Shipping [kg]: 1400
    • Weight Net [kg]: 1315
    Features of the PPC-models
    • NC-control to set the piston stroke
    • Selector for manual or semi-automatic operation
    • Flow adjustment valve and pressure control valve
    • Integrated pressure manometer
    • Different tooling can be installed onto the piston – it has a 40 mm hole inside for fixing tools
    Optional accessories
    • Several stamps and dies
    • Several punch tools for various applications, such as corner cutting notchers, pipe notchers and sheet bending tools.

    Suitable for various materials

    C-Frame Presses are useful in every factory or workshop and are not only useful for mild steel but a variety of other materials also such as copper, brass, stainless steel, and carbide.  C-Frame presses are used for punching, pressing, coining, straightening, forming, bending and, drawing and are useful in every industry.  The RHTC C Frame presses come equipped with standard tools, but custom tools are also available from WorkshopPress.co.uk and we can use our in-house 3D manufacturing capabilities to assist in the design of custom press tools to suit your application.

    All of the RHTC Profi Press C-frame presses are manufactured in Europe according to the latest CE standards and are supplied directly from our warehouse with a CE certificate.  All components and materials are of the best possible quality which lends to the machines hefty weight of 1750 kg.

    CE Certificate

    This press comes with a standard 2-Year Warranty and a CE Certificate as standard.

    All Profi Presses by RHTC are customisable, integrative, and have custom tools available.
    Please contact Workshoppress today with any questions by telephone at +44 (0) 800 999 1090, or by email at info@workshoppress.co.uk.