Drill Bit Grinder Sharpener • 3-Phase • Scantool Model SC 200DGT • 830W

Product Code: 351551477

Take drill sharpening to the next level with the SC 200DGT A drill grinder from Workshop Press. This European-made powerhouse boasts an 830W motor and versatile grinding wheel and cup wheel combination, tackling your sharpening needs with precision and ease. Ideal for professional metalworkers, the pre-set drill grinding attachment (6-30mm) ensures consistently flawless points, saving you time and maximizing drilling performance.

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    Product Description:

    • Unmatched Versatility: Utilize the grinding wheel for general sharpening and the cup wheel for precise point grinding.
    • Pre-Set Attachment: Achieve perfect drill points every time with the attachment designed for twist drills in steel and iron (point angle 116-118°, clearance angle 6-8°).
    • Powerful Motor: The 830W motor ensures efficient grinding for various drill bit sizes (6-30mm).
    • Dual Wheel System: Combine the grinding wheel’s speed with the cup wheel’s precision for optimal results.
    • Benchtop Design: Compact and space-saving, perfect for workshops with limited space.
    • European Quality: Manufactured in Europe with high-quality materials for extended durability.
    • Applications: Ideal for professional metalworkers, fabricators, and demanding tasks.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Model Number: 351551477
    • RPM: 3000
    • Power Requirement: 400V, 50 Hz, 3-Ph
    • Motor Power: 830W
    • Grinding Wheel Size: 200 x 25 x 32mm
    • Cup Wheel Size: 200 x 38 x 32mm
    • Drill Grinding Capacity: 6-30mm
    • Number of Spindle Speeds: 1
    • Bench Model: Yes
    • Dimensions (L x W x H): 250 x 800 x 400mm
    • Net Weight: 34kg


    • Powerful 830W motor for efficient grinding
    • Dual grinding and cup wheel system for versatility
    • Pre-set grinding attachment for 6-30mm drill bits
    • Achieves flawlessly accurate drill points
    • Easy to use, ideal for both skilled and unskilled operators
    • Compact benchtop design saves space
    • European quality for long-lasting performance
    • Perfect for professional metalworkers and demanding applications

    The SC 200DGT A by The Workshop Company UK delivers professional drill sharpening. 830W motor, grinding & cup wheels, pre-set 6-30mm attachment. Sharpen faster, smarter, better. Order now!