Pedestal Stand – Double-Ended Bench Grinders

Product Code: 1532410

Elevate your drill sharpening experience with the Workshop Press Drill Grinder Pedestal Stand. This sturdy and versatile accessory is specifically designed for SC200DGE and SC200DGT drill grinders (models 351551476, 351551477, 351552016, 351552032), transforming them into free-standing sharpening stations. Enjoy improved accessibility, ergonomic working height, and additional convenience for all your drill bit sharpening needs.

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    Product Description:

    • Compatibility: Designed for SC200DGE and SC200DGT table grinders (models 351551476, 351551477, 351552016, 351552032).
    • Free-Standing Design: Eliminates the need for bench mounting, offering flexible placement options.
    • Improved Accessibility: Sharpen drill bits at an ideal height and with better reach for increased comfort and efficiency.
    • Worktable and Water Cup Included: Provides a convenient workspace and facilitates cooling during sharpening.
    • Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials for long-lasting performance.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Material:
    • Height:
    • Width:
    • Depth:
    • Weight:
    • Compatible Grinder Models: SC200DGE/DGT (351551476, 351551477, 351552016, 351552032)


    • Compatible with various SC200DGE/DGT models
    • Free-standing design for flexibility
    • Ergonomic working height for comfort
    • Includes worktable and water cup
    • Durable steel construction

    Sharpen drills with ease! The Workshop Press Pedestal Stand provides a free-standing platform for your SC200DGE/DGT grinder (models 351551476, 351551477, 351552016, 351552032). Includes worktable and water cup. Order yours today!