Product Code: 91118

Upgrade your pillar drill capabilities with our Auxiliary Coolant Tank, a must-have accessory for workshops demanding precision and efficiency in metal drilling operations. Engineered for compatibility with pillar drills without factory-installed coolant systems, this innovative solution ensures consistent cooling and lubrication, prolonging tool life and minimizing downtime. Crafted with durability in mind, our coolant tank features a robust construction that withstands rigorous industrial use. Its user-friendly design allows for easy installation and seamless integration with your existing equipment setup. Experience enhanced productivity and precision with our Auxiliary Coolant Tank, the perfect addition to any metal fabrication workshop.

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    • Compatible with pillar drills lacking integrated coolant systems
    • Facilitates efficient cooling and lubrication during drilling processes
    • Enhances tool longevity and productivity
    • Robust construction ensures durability and longevity
    • Easy installation and integration with existing pillar drill setups
    • Adjustable flow control for optimal coolant delivery
    • Compact design for convenient placement on the floor or pillar drill base
    • Ideal for metal fabrication workshops seeking enhanced drilling performance

    Enhance the performance and precision of your pillar drill with our Auxiliary Coolant Tank, designed for pillar drills without built-in coolant systems. This essential accessory ensures efficient cooling and lubrication during drilling operations, enhancing tool life and productivity in metal fabrication tasks.