150 Ton Portal Press • Motorised • Table size of 1565 x 3000 mm • Horizontal Daylight 1565 mm • Vertical Daylight 700 mm

Product Code: 10095-PPTL-150

The PPTL-150 150-ton hydraulic portal press from RHTC Profi Press is designed to straighten large, heavy structures and sheets of steel.  The PPTL-150 has a movable frame and cylinder head, making all areas of the usable area of the table easily and quickly accessible. Precise movements of the bridge (Y-Axis) are ensured by motors connected to frequency inverters and driving a cogged belt.  Movement of the cylinder head (X-Axis) is controlled by a motor.

The PPTL-150 has a piston stroke of 450 mm with an approach speed of 9.9 mm/s and a working speed of 2 mm/s.  After the pressing operation is complete the cylinder returns to its home position at a rate of 15.4 mm/s.  The overall table size is 3000 x 1565 mm with a working height of 600 mm, and the distance between the uprights is 1565 mm.  The distance from the cylinder head to the table is 700 mm.  Overall travel distance (Y-Axis) front to back is 2150 mm and the cylinder head (X-Axis) travels a total distance of 1100 mm between the two primary uprights.  This is a very heavy-duty machine weighing in at 6500 Kg.

Profi Press Motorised Portal Presses can also be customised.  Some common customisations are to have the working table milled to a lower working height, installation of hydraulic injectors in the lower table, and custom sizes and dimensions of the machine and working area.

The PPTL-150 is manufactured with top quality materials and components and to ensure safety, it is designed and manufactured according to the most current CE Regulations and Directives and comes with a CE Certificate and a 2-year warranty.

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    Technical specifications

    • Force [tn]: 150
    • Motor power [kw]: 4
    • Working speed [mm/sec]: 2
    • Approaching speed [mm/sec]: 9.9
    • Return speed [mm/sec]: 15.4
    • Maximum pressure [bar]: 320
    • Piston stroke [mm]: 450
    • Table size (L x W) [mm]: 3000 x 1550
    • Horizontal light [mm]: 1565
    • Vertical light [mm]: 700
    • Headstock displacement [mm]: 1100
    • Frame displacement [mm]: 2150
    • Working height [mm]: 600
    • Total length [mm]: 3250
    • Total width [mm]: 2500
    • Total height [mm]: 2550
    • Weight [kg]: 6500


    • Motorised movable portal
    • Motorised movable cylinder
    • Cylinder stroke is easy to regulate with the end-stroke switches
    • Selector for manual / semi-automatic operation
    • Pressure regulator and manometer
    • 1 year warranty

    Optional accessories

    • Milling lower flat table (3000 x 1550 x 75 mm)
    • Small cylinders fitted in the lower table to lift pieces (each 2 ton power), connected to a second hydraulic group
    • Additional extension for the cylinder
    • Larger tables


    • A: 1565
    • B: 700
    • C: 1100
    • D: 2150
    • E: 600
    • F: 3250
    • G: 2500
    • H: 2550

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    All materials and components used to build this press are of the best quality and the machine comes with a pressure manometer, 2 speeds controlled with a hand lever, joystick operation, and hand pump operation.