300 Ton Portal Press • Motorised • Table size of 1565 x 3000 mm • Horizontal Daylight 1565 mm • Vertical Daylight 700 mm

Product Code: TWPCO-RFP-300

The TWPCO-RFP-300 Motorised Portal Press from The Workshop Press Company UK offers robust hydraulic press capabilities with a 300-ton capacity. Designed for heavy-duty applications, this press features an integrated motor and hand control for easy maneuverability, ensuring precise alignment and consistent results, enhancing productivity and safety in your operations.

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    The TWPCO-RFP-300 Motorised Portal Press from The Workshop Press Company UK provides advanced hydraulic press technology for industries requiring significant force application, such as railway, shipbuilding, and aerospace. This 300-ton press features a motorized roll frame design, allowing easy positioning of the H-Frame Press Gantry for seamless loading and unloading of large or heavy workpieces. Equipped with a double-acting cylinder for fast retraction, a versatile piston end, and a two-speed hydraulic pump for optimal control, this model ensures operational safety with integrated pressure gauges.

    Technical specifications

    • Force [tn]: 300
    • Motor power [kw]: 7.5
    • Working speed [mm/sec]: 2
    • Approaching speed [mm/sec]: 9.9
    • Return speed [mm/sec]: 14.7
    • Maximum pressure [bar]: 320
    • Piston stroke [mm]: 450
    • Table size (L x W) [mm]: 4000 x 2545
    • Horizontal light [mm]: 2560
    • Vertical light [mm]: 700
    • Headstock displacement [mm]: 2000
    • Frame displacement [mm]: 3000
    • Working height [mm]: 750
    • Total length [mm]: 4280
    • Total width [mm]: 3660
    • Total height [mm]: 3120
    • Weight [kg]: 13400

    Industries Using the Machine:

    • Railway Industry: Maintenance, fabrication, production, testing
    • Shipbuilding Industry: Structural fabrication, repair, component testing
    • Aerospace Industry: Component forming, maintenance, stress testing
    • Manufacturing: General fabrication, assembly, material testing

    Features and Uses:

    • Motorized gantry for easy positioning
    • Consistent alignment with pressing cylinder
    • Enhanced productivity with reduced loading/unloading time
    • Improved safety with easier handling of heavy workpieces
    • Low maintenance with double-acting cylinder design
    • Versatile applications across various industries

    Benefits of Motorised Portal Presses

    • Motorised roll frame hydraulic presses for heavy-duty applications
    • Easy-to-position motorized gantry for precise alignment
    • High-capacity presses: 150 Ton, 220 Ton, 300 Ton models available
    • Double-acting cylinders for fast retraction and efficiency
    • Integrated pressure gauges for enhanced safety and control
    • Two-speed hydraulic pump for flexible operation
    • Two-speed hydraulic pump for flexible operation
    • Ideal for railway, shipbuilding, aerospace, and manufacturing industries
    • Robust construction for reliable and long-term use

    Optional accessories

    • Milling lower flat table (3000 x 1550 x 75 mm)
    • Small cylinders fitted in the lower table to lift pieces (each 2 ton power), connected to a second hydraulic group
    • Additional extension for the cylinder
    • Larger tables

    Benefits of Motorised Portal Presses (cont.)

    • Low maintenance design with minimal downtime
    • Versatile press suitable for various fabrication and production tasks
    • Improved productivity with reduced loading and unloading time
    • Safe handling of large and heavy workpieces
    • Advanced hydraulic press technology from The Workshop Press Company UK
    • Extra-wide bed size for accommodating large workpieces
    • Integrated motor and hand control for ease of use
    • Suitable for maintenance, fabrication, production, and testing operations


    Daylight – Frontal [mm] – A: 2620
    Daylight – Lateral [mm] – B: 700
    Headstock movement [mm] – C: 1960
    Bridge movement [mm] – D: 2940
    Working height [mm] – E: 750
    Total front [mm] – G: 3660
    Total lateral [mm] – H: 4280
    Total height [mm] – I: 3120
    Piston stroke [mm] – J: 4

    High-capacity Motorised Portal Press (300 Ton) with integrated motorized gantry for easy loading and precise pressing.