Guillotine Shear for Metal • Pneumatic • 2mm Mild Steel • 1030mm Cutting Length

Product Code: 530601400

The Scantool power shears are manufactured with an appropriate working height, self-lubricating guides, spherical ball bearings, and a large range of optional accessories is offered.

Scantool metal fabricating machines are manufactured in the EU with only the best materials and components.

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    Technical specifications for Scantool Pneumatic Guillotine Shear Model TSP-200

    • Capacity (mm) 1030 0 x2.0
    • Cutting/min 19
    • Machine height (mm) 1300
    • Machine length (mm) 1380
    • Machine width (mm) 1210
    • Net weight (kg) 250
    • Normal liter (air) per cycle 34
    • Grinding angles 3°
    • Pladeanslag (mm) 550
    • Sheet thickness steel (mm) 2,0
    • Side stop (mm) 200
    • Tank capacity (L) 80
    • Working width (mm) 1030


    • Danish top quality and finish to the smallest details
    • Solid, compact welded steel construction
    • Operated pneumatically by a pedal
    • Cuts metal, plastic foil and other materials
    • Automatic sheet holder coated with neoprene rubber
    • Offers good visibility of the complete cutting length
    • The knives are made of strong tool steel, and are reversible which doubles the cutting surface
    • Has a sliding joint and the knife can be adjusted easily using the 6 Allen screws and counter nuts
    • Built in working light
    • Safety system according to CE Regulations
    • Emergency stop.
    • Working table with adjustable angle stop and safety stop.
    • Manual back gauge with millimetre gauge up to 550 mm.

    Guillotine Shears

    Guillotine Shears can be manually, electrically, or pneumatically powered and are designed to cut large pieces of sheet metal into smaller strips and shapes and cut in straight line. The capacity of metal guillotines shears vary greatly and their overall size and weight typically correlate with their top-end cutting capacity.