Tool Holder • Working Table • Press Brake Attachment

Product Code: Press Brake Tool WSP

Displayed is a tool setup designed for our Workshop Presses. There is a working table of 25 mm tool stell with railings front and back to keep the plate from slipping off the press table. The table can be moved from side to side and then secured with the securing cap screws. The table has 2x 16 mm holes that are tapped to allow the operator to secure a tool set to the table. On the press ram is attached a tool holder cap that replaces the standard ram cap that comes with the machine. In the picture a press brake tool is secured to the tool holder, but this can be exchanged for a bespoke tool.

Check the video link below to view the tool and press in action.

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    The toolholder can be used to hold a variety of tools no matter if they are custom or bespoke.