Treadle Guillotine Shear for Metal • 1.25mm Mild Steel • 1030mm Cutting Length

Product Code: 530601100

The SCANTOOL TSM 1050 is a robust and compact foot-operated treadle guillotine designed for precise cutting of metal and other materials. Its welded steel construction, Danish design, and high-quality components ensure durability and exceptional performance. The TSM 1050 features a neoprene-coated sheet holder to prevent damage to materials, a reversible high-speed steel knife, and a range of adjustable components to optimize your cutting tasks. This manual guillotine is perfect for various industrial applications.

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    The SCANTOOL TSM 1050 is built for strength and precision. Its welded steel construction provides a stable and durable platform, while the Danish design ensures the highest quality standards. This stomp shear is ideal for cutting metal and other materials, with a neoprene-coated sheet holder that protects materials from damage and ensures a perfect cut. The knife is made from high-speed steel and is reversible for extended use. Additional features include an adjustable angle stop, a built-in working light, and a manual back gauge. This manual guillotine is engineered to handle a variety of cutting tasks efficiently.

    Technical Specifications

    • Capacity: 1030 x 1.25 mm
    • Mild Steel Capacity: 1.25 mm
    • Working Width: 1030 mm
    • Cutting Angle: 3°
    • Back Gauge: 550 mm
    • Side Stop Length: 200 mm
    • Length: 1380 mm
    • Width: 880 mm
    • Height: 1300 mm
    • Net Weight: 148 kg

    Features and Uses

    • Foot-operated treadle guillotine for hands-free operation
    • Neoprene-coated sheet holder prevents material damage
    • Reversible high-speed steel knife for extended use
    • Adjustable angle stop for precision cuts
    • Built-in working light for enhanced visibility
    • Manual back gauge for accurate measurements

    Industries Using the Machine and Their Uses

    • Metal fabrication: Precise cutting of metal sheets
    • Manufacturing: Cutting various materials for production
    • Automotive: Shaping and cutting metal parts
    • Aerospace: Precision cutting for components

    Robust foot-operated treadle guillotine for precise metal cutting, featuring a neoprene-coated sheet holder and reversible high-speed steel knife.