Treadle Guillotine Shear for Metal • 1.25mm Mild Steel • 1330mm Cutting Length

Product Code: 530601650

The SCANTOOL TSM 1300 is a high-quality, foot-operated treadle guillotine designed for accurate cutting of metal and other materials. Its welded steel construction ensures stability and durability, while the Danish design guarantees superior performance. The TSM 1300 features a neoprene-coated sheet holder to protect materials from damage, a reversible high-speed steel knife, and adjustable components for optimal cutting precision. This manual guillotine is suitable for various industrial applications.

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    The SCANTOOL TSM 1300 is engineered for strength and precision. Its compact, welded steel construction offers a stable and durable platform for various cutting tasks. The Danish design ensures the highest quality standards. Ideal for cutting metal and other materials, the TSM 1300 uses a neoprene-coated sheet holder to prevent material damage and ensure perfect cuts. The reversible high-speed steel knife extends the tool’s usability. Additional features include an adjustable angle stop, built-in working light, and a manual back gauge for accurate measurement and control. This stomp shear is a reliable choice for industrial cutting needs.

    Technical Specifications

    • Capacity: 1330 x 1.25 mm
    • Mild Steel Capacity: 1.25 mm
    • Working Width: 1330 mm
    • Cutting Angle: 3°
    • Back Gauge: 550 mm
    • Side Stop Length: 200 mm
    • Length: 1380 mm
    • Width: 880 mm
    • Height: 1300 mm
    • Net Weight: 148 kg

    Features and Uses

    • Foot-operated treadle guillotine for hands-free operation
    • Neoprene-coated sheet holder prevents material damage
    • Reversible high-speed steel knife for extended use
    • Adjustable angle stop for precision cuts
    • Built-in working light for enhanced visibility
    • Manual back gauge for accurate measurements

    Industries Using the Machine and Their Uses

    • Metal fabrication: Precise cutting of metal sheets
    • Manufacturing: Cutting various materials for production
    • Automotive: Shaping and cutting metal parts
    • Aerospace: Precision cutting for components

    High-quality foot-operated treadle guillotine for accurate metal cutting, featuring a neoprene-coated sheet holder and reversible high-speed steel knife.