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Summary. As a leading hydraulic press supplier, Workshop Press offers top-quality workshop hydraulic presses, perfect for enhancing your production processes. When purchasing, it’s crucial to consider factors such as tonnage capacity, tool sizing, and the availability of replacement parts. Servicing accessibility and warranty details are also important aspects to check.


A Workshop Hydraulic Press can help greatly improve your production processes. But with so many on the market, you need to know the type of press that will benefit you. You should understand their functionality, and their intended application before making a decision on which machine to purchase. Here at Workshop Press, we are a leading supplier of top-quality European hydraulic presses.

You can use hydraulic presses in many industries. Applications range from assembly in the automotive industry to compacting in the cosmetic industry. 

There are several types of press machinery such as C-Frame, 4-post hydraulic press, manual hydraulic press, straight side production presses, portal presses and horizontal presses. The type of press you need will depend on the application.  

What To Look For When Purchasing A Hydraulic Press 

You need to consider carefully when investing in new equipment. Especially if you are looking to ensure a good ROI. You want to know your Workshop Hydraulic Press will withstand the test of time. There’s a huge variety of press machines for sale. Therefore, it’s important to discuss your application with the hydraulic press supplier such as The Workshop Press Company. We will make sure the machine is suited and equipped for your job. 

Before you make your decision, you should consider, accurate tonnage capacity, tool sizing, and whether the application requires level or off–centre loading. Other things to consider may include: 

  • Parts – can you easily get replacement parts or additional parts, or will these need to be specially ordered? This is an important factor to consider as downtime hinders shop productivity and ultimately business profitability.  
  • Servicing – how readily available trained technicians are to service your machine can play a big role in the decision process. Having easily contactable and local technicians is helpful for setup purposes and for troubleshooting. 
  • Warranty – make sure to ask about what warranties are including with the machine press, does the company offer any services or repairs included in the warranty and how when do they expire?  

Downtime can have a big impact on a business’s profitability. Therefore, it is essential that you are able to get your hydraulic press back up and running quickly if anything does go wrong.

Benefits Of Using A Press For Production  

You can use a Hydraulic Press for many metal forming methods. This includes compacting, assembling, punching, stamping, forming, embossing, shearing, setting, and drawing. With its long list of uses hydraulic presses also come some great benefits including: 

  • Full tonnage throughout the stroke – Hydraulic presses can generate full pressing force at any point in the stroke. 
  • Customisation – The programming flexibility of a hydraulic press is one of its biggest benefits. It can meet your exact requirements no matter how simple or complex. 
  • Flexibility – Hydraulic presses offer huge flexibility in terms of down-acting, up-acting, side-acting, and multi-action operation. In addition, power systems can be in place above, below, or across from the press. 
  • Compact Footprints – with their ability to generate high pressure over a small surface area, hydraulic presses are ideal for any workshop. 
  • Longer Tool Lifespan – Press tooling is designed to fit the application, not the press. This means tools last longer. A hydraulic press also includes relief valves which protects the machine from overloading.  

Buying From Workshop Press

It is important to understand exactly what your press will be used for before making a purchase. As a trusted provider of hydraulic press solutions, our experts can establish the right press machine for your business for the best ROI.

We have years of experience fulfilling customers’ requirements. All of our machines come with the most recent safety mechanism and are CE certified. Get in touch today on 0800 999 1090 to discuss your pressing needs. 

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