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When it comes to the different types of C-frame presses, it’s safe to say at Workshop Press, there’s plenty to choose from. We offer a broad range of hydraulic presses which includes: workshop, production, and 4-Column presses. However, besides these four, one of our most popular types of hydraulic presses is our C-Frame floor press. Also, commonly referred to as a gap frame press. Consequently, the name derives from press’ framework creating a “C” formation around the bolster table. Our presses are popular because they are very versatile and for their footprint size they offer an extensive amount of pressing force. With this in mind, a workshop with limited space can have a very powerful press and not worry about it taking up a load of space.

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The Best Types Of C-Frame Presses

We manufacture our presses in the European Union with only the best quality switches and components. In addition, we constructed the frame from an electro-welded structure, made out of S355JR steel. All of our presses are designed from front to back, using the most current CE standards and directives in mind. Including a properly formatted CE Certificate. Our C-Frame presses are designed for pressing applications. For instance: Assembly, Forming, Punching, Compaction, Trimming, Deep Drawing, Coining, Embossing, Piercing, Stamping, Press Fitting, Crimping and Staking. They are easily incorporated into automated production lines.

Furthermore, our presses have many benefits as they come in a variety of configurations and tonnages. In addition, they offer access to the pressing area from three sides, which is an attractive or required feature for many customers. However, they are typically best suited for applications requiring smaller bed sizes and lower tonnages.

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Variety Of Models And Features

When it comes to the models, there are three types of C-frame press: PPCD, PPCM, and PPCF. In addition have available tonnages across the range: 25, 50, 80, 100, and 150 tons. The C-Frame press categories differentiate themselves by the offered features. Such as:

  • Tonnage
  • Throat Depth
  • Vertical Daylight
  • Horizontal Daylight
  • Working Speed
  • Approach Speed
  • Return Speed
  • Piston Stroke
  • Lower Bolster Table Dimensions
  • Piston or Upper table
  • Lower Slide Table Dimensions
  • Working Height
  • Machine Weight
  • Machine Dimensions

PPCD Models

These models are equipped with a lower bolster table, that incorporates industry standard T-grooves. In addition a hydraulic piston with a threaded end for attaching a variety of tools. Furthermore, an operation of these PPCD models is carried out by the press operator. This is done using a dual-button configuration that requires two hands to be used at all times to initiate the pressing action. The control panel features a selector for manual or semi-automatic operation. The cylinder stroke is easily adjusted with end-stroke switches on the side of the press. In addition, these models offers two cylinder speeds that are selected using a switch on the control panel. Which are either fast approach or slow working. Also, they contain a pressure valve and manometer.

The available models are:

  • PPCD-25 (25 Ton Press)
  • PPCD-50 (50 Ton Press)
  • PPCD-80 (80 Ton Press)
  • PPCD-100 (100 Ton Press)
  • PPCD-150 (150 Ton Press)

PPCM Models

The PPCM models of C-frame presses have an electro-welded structure made out of S355JR steel. In contrast to our PPCD model which only has lower bolster tables and then a piston on top. Our PPCM Model C-frame presses are equipped with an upper slide table and a lower bolster table both implementing industry-standard T-Grooves. Moreover, the PPCM Models ensure constant and perfect alignment of the upper slide table by implementing two cylindrical lateral guides. The diameter of the vertical guides varies by the size of the press.

Furthermore, the press operator initiates the downward motion of the slide table by utilising a foot pedal mechanism. In addition, the cylinder stroke is easily adjusted with end-stroke switches on the side of the press. The control panel features a selector for manual, semi-automatic, or automatic operation and a selector for fast approach or the slow working speed. A pressure manometer is also integrated allowing for accurate and precise control of pressing pressure.

Operator safety is of the utmost importance. For instance for the PPCM C-Frame press models, it is guaranteed by two side lateral protection screens which have locking mechanisms. They can be opened for tool installation or maintenance purposes. In addition, the lateral side screens also implement added safety features by using level IV safety light curtains.

The available models are:

  • PPCD-50 (50 Ton Press)
  • PPCD-80 (80 Ton Press)
  • PPCD-100 (100 Ton Press)
  • PPCD-150 (150 Ton Press)

PPCF Models

Finally, the third category of C-Frame presses are our PPCF models. They are quite similar to the PPCM models, except they come with a NC controller which controls the stroke and tonnage of the of the main piston. Furthermore, these presses have lower bolster tables and upper slide tables. Additionally, designed to cope with medium and high volume production runs due to their modern design and controllers.

The main control panel for our PPCF models is a Siemens PLC mod. The SIMATIC S7 1200 comes with a 7” touch screen which permits programming the amount of pressing power, the cylinder stroke length, and the cylinder advance speeds. In addition, has a storage capacity that can save up to 300 different working cycles. Initiation of pressing processes is carried out by the operator by means of a foot pedal.

Accuracy during pressing operations is assured because the upper table is supported by four cylindrical lateral guides. The diameter varies according to the size of the press. Also, the PPCF models are provided with a single-acting main cylinder and two double-acting lateral cylinders enabling high speeds.

Also operator safety for the PPCF C-frame press models is guaranteed by two side lateral protection screens. These can be locked off but also can be opened for tooling installation or maintenance procedures. Additionally operator safety is assured by the implementation of level IV safety light curtains, situated at the front.

The available models are:

  • PPCF-80 (80 Ton Press)
  • PPCF-100 (100 Ton Press)
  • PPCF-150 (150 Ton Press)

C-Frame Presses | Customisations

At The Workshop Press Company UK we offer a wide variety of standard presses. Addressing a broad spectrum of pressing operations for any industry. But every customer’s application consists of a different set of parameters and requirements. Therefore, we offer customisations to our presses, along with custom tooling, to meet our customer’s unique specifications.

Some common Customisations are:

  • Advance Speed enhancement
  • Working Speed Enhancement
  • NC Controller
  • System Integration Interfaces
  • Table size (top and bottom)
  • Special Table Grooves or holes
  • Footprint size
  • Overall Press Configuration
  • Hydraulic Cooling System
  • Special Controls Integration
  • Special Table Guides
  • Table Cushion
  • Knock-out apparatus

We also offer a variety of Automation options:

  • In-going and Out-going Tables
  • Conveyors
  • Positioning devices
  • Chutes
  • Conveyors
  • Robotic Pick & Place

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