The Basic Principles Of A Broaching Press

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Summary. As a leading broaching press supplier in the UK, Workshop Press offers quality and efficient broaching press machines to meet your specific needs. Known for their versatile functionality, our broaching presses enhance productivity and accuracy in your metal-removal processes. For superior precision and a reliable finishing touch, our machines are an optimal choice.


Workshop Press is a UK supplier of top quality metal fabrication equipment, including broaching press machines. So what is a broaching press? Broaching is the name for the process that pushes or pulls a cutting tool (a broaching tool) over or through a surface of a workpiece or component. Broaching dates back all the way to the early 1850s. People often use it to make one-of-a-kind parts. However, you can also use it for high volume, metal-removal processes. 

Today, broaching is compatible with almost every conceivable hydraulic press machine. Therefore, the processes are available to many workshops because hydraulic presses are a staple in every workshop. Additionally, new uses for a broaching press are being devised every day. 

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How Does Broaching Work?

Broaching is similar to other metal cutting operations such as planing, turning, milling etc. The similarity being that each tooth removes a small amount of material. Each successive tooth is a little higher than the one preceding it. This enables each tooth to slowly remove a layer of workpiece material.

The tool that the hydraulic broaching machine uses is known as a broaching tool. It has a series of teeth designed to cut metal when the broach is given a linear movement. The first few teeth are shorter. This allows the small end of the tool to be passed through the work area. The intermediate teeth remove most of the metal. The last few teeth are longer to finish the surface to size. 

Broaching increases productivity and holds tight tolerances. They deliver a high-quality precision finish as the process is complete after one pass of the broach.


Broaching Press Tooling 

Broaching is a unique process. It combines rough, semi-finish, and finish teeth in one tool. Broaching has two recognised procedures; internal broaching and external broachingFor external broaching, you pull or push the broach tool across a workpiece surface. Alternatively, the surface may move across the tool. For internal broaching, a starting hole, slot, or opening in the workpiece is required so the tool can be inserted. You then push or pull either the tool or workpiece to force the tool through the opening (starter hole). 


Broaching Press Supplier UK 

Our 15 ton broaching press for sale is one of the best available. It has an extra-long cylinder which facilitates a linear broaching process. It is manufactured in the Netherlands and CE Certified. Therefore, it guarantees consistent and precise results with a 2-year warranty. You can also use our press for other pressing operations. This means it is great value for money. 

If you have any questions for our team, then get in touch today. You can contact us via our LiveChat, by telephone at +44 (0)1785 593 088, or by email at

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