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Summary. Workshop Press Company UK, a premier supplier of metal punching machines, offers robust solutions for all your sheet metal shaping needs. Our efficient metal punching machines provide customisable capabilities, facilitating the creation of intricate shapes from different metal sheet thicknesses.


A metal punching machine is a key piece of equipment in the sheet metal industry.  Industries use this key technique to shape custom metal forms. Therefore, with a quality machine you can create a variety of customised shapes, out of varying thicknesses of sheet metal. At The Workshop Press Company UK, we supply top quality metal punching machines. 

How Does A Metal Hole Punching Machine Work?

Heavy machinery carries out metal punching. For instance, the Workshop Press’ Profi Punch 16 Ton. This hydraulic punching machine, can not only be in use as a punching machine but also as a small C-Frame press. However, this machine can create holes and indents in a piece of metal and the principle is relatively simple:

  1. The sheet metal is placed between the punch and a die.
  2. Then, the punch moves downward and into the die. The punch shears the sheet metal underneath away from the surrounding material.
    Then, the cut metal collects into a container for use or recycling.
    The process repeats steps 1 – 3 until achieving the desired shape.

Which Metals Are Punchable?

Thanks to the evolution of the sheet metal cutting machine, almost all metals can be punched. Such as, iron, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass and special alloys. Therefore, this versatility has led to the metal punching machines being a staple in a wide range of fields. For instance: metal fabrication, engineering, automotive, manufacturing, electronics, textiles and many others.

The Benefits Of Sheet Metal Profi Punch Punching Machine: 

  • Ease of setup and use
  • Quick changeovers
  • Efficiency and accuracy of punching processes
  • Machines are built in EU with high-quality metal and components
  • Affordable to purchase and maintain

Sheet metal punching machines are often the cheapest method for creating holes in sheet materials. This is in both medium and high volume productions.

Quality Metal Punching 

the quality of each punch is determined by a few critical factors, including:

  • Size and structure the punch press.
  • Available tonnage of the punching machine.
  • Quality of the punches and dies being used.
  • Condition of the punches and dies. Punching tools are suitable for so many “strokes” only before becoming too worn to make clean punches.
  • Thickness of the metal.
  • Type of metal.

Get In Touch

Is sheet metal punching the right choice for your next project? The Workshop Press Company UK is a supplier of wide variety of machines including hydraulic metal punching machines. So, if you would like some more information on our hydraulic press machines, head to our website today. Alternatively, you can contact one of our experienced team members to discuss your requirements today at

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