Dual Palm Button Safety Control for Presses – Enhanced Efficiency, Safety, & Customisation

Product Code: Palm-Button-Control-WSP

ur Dual Palm Button Control system is engineered for both safety and efficiency, requiring dual-hand operation for the active pressing cycle. This feature ensures the operator's hands are safely away from the press area while also allowing for consistent and streamlined operations. Accommodating unique requirements, this control is fully customizable, seamlessly integrating with various press models.

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    Incorporating a crucial safety mechanism with efficiency in mind, our Dual Palm Button Control requires both hands, enhancing focus and preventing accidental press activation. It’s not only about safety but also about increasing the efficiency of pressing operations, with a single-button retraction ensuring swift cycle completion. Tailored to each client’s specifications, it stands as a versatile addition to our line of press controls.

    Additional Information:

    • Compatibility: Adaptable for a wide range of motorized workshop presses
    • Customization: Tailored solutions for bespoke workshop configurations
    • Safety Feature: Two-hand operation system for enhanced operator safety
    • Efficiency: Designed to streamline and expedite pressing processes
    • Control: Simplified retraction button for quick operation reversal

    Technical Features:

    • Dual palm controls ensure safety and contribute to a more efficient workflow
    • Single-button retraction streamlines operation, enhancing productivity
    • Configurable to various motorized press models, as presented in product photos
    • Robust build quality stands up to the demands of continuous industrial use
    • Customizable button layout to optimize user ergonomics and efficiency
    • Promotes a safer work environment while increasing operational throughput
    • Integrates effortlessly with existing press setups for an immediate upgrade
    • Precision engineering for reliable, long-term performance
    • Operator-centric design facilitates consistent and comfortable use
    • Supports diverse pressing applications with improved safety and speed


    • Essential for precision tasks that require safe and rapid press operation
    • Perfect for production settings where time efficiency is crucial
    • Suited for workshops looking to enhance safety without compromising on speed
    • Beneficial in assembly lines where operator ease and efficiency are a priority
    • Aligns with industry best practices for safety and operational excellence

    Achieve safer and faster pressing operations with our Dual Palm Button Control, designed for ergonomic efficiency and customizable to fit any workshop press.