Scantool 40K• Mill Drill Machine • Gear Driven • Drilling Capacity: 40 mm • Table 585 x 190 mm • MT4

Product Code: 100726001

The Scantool 40K AUT is a heavy-duty milling and drilling machine with a geared head, designed for industrial applications. It features automatic feed, a 2-speed motor with 12 spindle speeds, and reversible functionality. With its robust construction and noiseless operation, this machine is ideal for precise and efficient milling and drilling tasks. Quick delivery and competitive pricing ensure it meets your operational needs promptly.

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    The Scantool 40K AUT milling and drilling machine is engineered for high performance in industrial settings. It features a geared head design with automatic feed, providing seamless operation for various drilling and milling tasks. The machine operates quietly and includes a 2-speed motor offering 12 spindle speeds. Its sturdy construction ensures durability, while the reversible function enhances versatility. This model is known for its reliability, quick delivery, and competitive pricing, making it an excellent choice for demanding milling and drilling applications.

    Technical Specifications:

    • RPM: 50 – 2500
    • Voltage: 3x400V – 50Hz
    • Motor Power: 1 HP (0.75 kW)
    • Drilling Capacity: 40 mm
    • Morse Taper: MT3
    • Column Diameter: 115 mm
    • Cross Table Size: 585 x 190 mm
    • Distance Between Table & Spindle: 470 mm
    • Throat Depth: 260 mm
    • Number of Spindle Speeds: 12
    • Speed Numbers – Motor: 2
    • Automatic Feed: Yes
    • Reversible: Yes
    • Bench Model: Yes
    • Height: 1960 mm
    • Net Weight: 300 kg

    Features and Uses:

    • Geared head type for precise operations
    • Automatic feed for enhanced productivity
    • Sturdy construction ensuring durability
    • Noiseless operation for a better working environment
    • 2-speed motor with 12 spindle speeds for varied tasks
    • Reversible function for operational flexibility
    • Quick delivery and competitive pricing

    Industries Using the Machine and Their Uses:

    • Metalworking Shops: Precision drilling and milling
    • Manufacturing Plants: Heavy-duty milling operations
    • Educational Institutions: Teaching tool for machining
    • Maintenance Departments: Repair and fabrication tasks

    Heavy-duty geared head milling and drilling machine with automatic feed, 12 spindle speeds, and robust construction.