Hydraulic Press Guarding with Frontal Photo Cell Light Curtain Protection

Product Code: PCG-300-2024

Introduce unparalleled safety to your workshop with our advanced Hydraulic Press Guarding, featuring state-of-the-art photo cell protection at the front entryway. This sophisticated guarding system is equipped with photo cells that act like invisible curtains, instantly deactivating the hydraulic system if the light barrier is breached, ensuring maximum operator safety. Alongside, the sides and back of the press are secured with durable yellow mesh, providing comprehensive protection. Compatible with motorized workshop presses from 30 to 300 tons, this versatile guarding system offers both safety and efficiency. We also provide bespoke and custom configurations to precisely fit your specific needs, along with additional guarding options for a fully protected working environment.

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    Our Hydraulic Press Guarding with Photo Cell Protection is at the forefront of workshop safety technology. The system’s front is equipped with photo cells, creating an invisible safety barrier that immediately shuts down the hydraulic press if interrupted, thereby preventing accidents and ensuring operator safety. The inclusion of yellow mesh guarding on the sides and back of the press offers all-around protection, making it a comprehensive safety solution for your hydraulic press operations. Designed for compatibility with a wide range of motorised workshop hydraulic press sizes, from 30 to 300 tons, this guarding solution is adaptable and can be tailored to meet unique workshop requirements. Bespoke sizes and configurations are available to ensure a perfect fit, along with additional protective options for complete safety coverage.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Frontal photo cell protection for instant hydraulic deactivation
    • Durable yellow mesh guarding on sides and back
    • Compatible with 30 to 300-ton H-Frame workshop presses
    • Customizable to specific requirements and hydraulic press dimensions
    • State-of-the-art safety technology for optimal protection

    Features and Uses:

    • Frontal photo cells create an invisible safety barrier
    • Immediate hydraulic shutdown upon barrier breach for enhanced safety
    • Comprehensive protection with additional mesh guarding
    • Suitable for a wide range of hydraulic press sizes
    • Bespoke and custom configurations available for a tailored safety solution
    • Advanced safety feature without compromising accessibility

    Maximize safety with our Hydraulic Press Guarding, featuring frontal photo cell barriers and durable mesh on the sides and back. Fits hydraulic workshop presses from 30 to 300 tons, customizable for your specific needs.