LT 460/1500 Precision Metal Lathe • Swing 460 mm • Centres 1500 mm

Product Code: 36001026

Engineered for durability and precision, the LT 460/1500 lathe features a substantial 460mm swing over bed and an extended distance of 1500mm between centers. With a large Ø80mm spindle bore and Camlock D1-8 spindlenose, this lathe excels in handling larger and longer workpieces typical in industrial manufacturing. Its robust design and powerful features make it an indispensable tool for high-capacity machining environments.

Experience unparalleled precision and efficiency with our LT 460/1500 Industrial Metal Lathe. Designed to handle even the most demanding tasks, this lathe is perfect for industries requiring high accuracy and robust performance. To learn more about how our lathes can transform your machining processes and boost your productivity, check out our detailed guide on precision metal lathes here.

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    This versatile lathe is designed to operate at variable spindle speeds up to 1700 rpm, accommodating a diverse range of materials and machining techniques. With comprehensive threading options and substantial feed ranges, it’s perfectly suited for creating large-scale components in sectors like mining, marine, and large equipment manufacturing

    Features and Uses:

    • Swing over Bed [mm]: 460mm
    • Swing over Gap [mm]: 690mm
    • Swing over Cross Slide [mm]: 270mm
    • Tail Diameter [ø mm]: 60mm
    • Tail Height [mm]: 230mm
    • Spindlenose Camlock: D1-8
    • Distance Between Centers [mm]: 1500mm
    • Width of Bed [mm]: 300mm
    • Spindle Bore [mm]: 80mm
    • Spindlenose Taper: MK-7
    • Number of Spindle Speeds: 12
    • Range of Spindle Speeds [rpm]: 25-1700rpm
    • Metric Threads [mm]: 0.1-14mm
    • Imperial Threads: 2~112 T.P.I
    • Range of Longitudinal Feed [mm]: 0.03~1.7mm
    • Type of Toolholder: Multi
    • Max. Travel of Compound Slide [mm]: 128mm
    • Max. Travel of Cross Slide [mm]: 285mm
    • Max. Travel of Main Slide [mm]: 1500mm
    • Tailstock Spindle Travel [mm]: 130mm
    • Taper in Tailstock Spindle: MK-4
    • Voltage: 3 Ph, 400V, 50 Hz
    • Motor [Kw]: 5.5 kW
    • Length [mm]: 2750mm
    • Width [mm]: 1080mm
    • Height [mm]: 1370mm
    • Weight [kg]: 1820kg

    Features and Uses:

    • High-precision digital readout for accurate machining
    • Engineered for prolonged industrial use with minimal downtime
    • Multi-toolholder system enables swift tool changes, optimizing workflow
    • Excellently suited for processing large and elongated materials
    • Ideal for fabricating oversized industrial parts in mining and marine industries
    • Supports intensive manufacturing processes in the heavy equipment sector
    • Provides educational opportunities in technical schools for advanced machining practices
    • Crucial for the production of structurally critical components in aerospace and automotive industries

    Robust, precise, and built to last, the LT 460/1500 lathe supports extensive industrial applications with ease and efficiency.