LT 460/1000 Precision Metal Lathe • Swing 460 mm • Centres 1000 mm

Product Code: 36001024

The LT 460/1000 metal lathe offers robust construction and high precision with a 460 mm swing over bed and a 1000 mm distance between centers. Featuring a Ø80 mm spindle bore and a Spindlenose Camlock D1-8, this machine is engineered for large-scale, heavy-duty operations. Its advanced technology and design make it a reliable choice for demanding industrial applications, ensuring precision across a wide range of machining tasks."

Experience unparalleled precision and efficiency with our LT 460/1000 Industrial Metal Lathe. Designed to handle even the most demanding tasks, this lathe is perfect for industries requiring high accuracy and robust performance. To learn more about how our lathes can transform your machining processes and boost your productivity, check out our detailed guide on precision metal lathes here.

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    With variable spindle speeds up to 1700 rpm, the LT 460/1000 is versatile for handling different materials and tasks, from rough turning to fine finishing. It supports extensive metric and imperial threading capabilities, suitable for large component manufacturing in industries such as energy, shipbuilding, and heavy machinery.

    Features and Uses:

    • Swing over Bed [mm]: 460mm
    • Swing over Gap [mm]: 690mm
    • Swing over Cross Slide [mm]: 270mm
    • Tail Diameter [ø mm]: 60mm
    • Tail Height [mm]: 230mm
    • Spindlenose Camlock: D1-8
    • Distance Between Centers [mm]: 1000mm
    • Width of Bed [mm]: 300mm
    • Spindle Bore [mm]: 80mm
    • Spindlenose Taper: MK-7
    • Number of Spindle Speeds: 12
    • Range of Spindle Speeds [rpm]: 25-1700rpm
    • Metric Threads [mm]: 0.1-14mm
    • Imperial Threads: 2~112 T.P.I
    • Range of Longitudinal Feed [mm]: 0.03~1.7mm
    • Type of Toolholder: Multi
    • Max. Travel of Compound Slide [mm]: 128mm
    • Max. Travel of Cross Slide [mm]: 285mm
    • Max. Travel of Main Slide [mm]: 1500mm
    • Tailstock Spindle Travel [mm]: 130mm
    • Taper in Tailstock Spindle: MK-4
    • Voltage: 3 Ph, 400V, 50 Hz
    • Motor [Kw]: 5.5 kW
    • Length [mm]: 2200mm
    • Width [mm]: 1080mm
    • Height [mm]: 1370mm
    • Weight [kg]: 1655kg

    Features and Uses:

    • Advanced digital readout for precise measurements
    • Heavy-duty construction suitable for sustained industrial use
    • Multi-toolholder facilitates quick and efficient tool changes
    • Capable of handling large and heavy workpieces with high precision
    • Ideal for fabricating critical components in shipbuilding, energy, and heavy machinery
    • Supports prototyping and batch production in R&D and manufacturing sectors
    • Used in educational settings for training in advanced machining techniques
    • Essential for custom part fabrication in automotive and aerospace industries

    High capacity and rugged reliability, the LT 460/1000 lathe is designed for industrial applications requiring detailed and heavy machining.