Pillar Drills • Professional Series • V-Belt Driven • 13 to 32 mm • 1 & 3 Phase • Floor & Bench


Explore our Professional Series Pillar Drills, designed to deliver precision and reliability for small workshops, DIY projects, and educational settings. These drills offer advanced features like variable speed control, robust construction, and enhanced safety measures. Ideal for less demanding tasks compared to our Heavy Duty models, the Professional Series ensures accurate hole placement and consistent performance. The user-friendly design minimizes operator fatigue, making them perfect for detailed work and moderate industrial applications.

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    The Professional Series Pillar Drills are engineered for precision and efficiency, perfect for small workshops, DIY enthusiasts, and educational settings. With features like variable speed control, robust construction, and advanced safety measures, these drills offer consistent performance and ease of use. Unlike our Heavy Duty Pillar Drills, designed for rigorous industrial tasks, the Professional Series excels in less demanding applications, providing accuracy and control for detailed work. The user-friendly design ensures ease of operation, making them an excellent choice for moderate industrial use.

    Technical Specifications

    • Motor Power: 0.4 kW to 0.75 kW
    • Drilling Capacity: Up to 32 mm
    • Speed Range: 180 rpm to 2740 rpm
    • Voltage: 230V & 400V, 50 Hz
    • Table Size: 162 mm x 162 mm up to 285 mm x 285 mm
    • Base Size: 290 mm x 186 mm up to 480 mm x 270 mm
    • Spindle Travel: Up to 80 mm
    • Spindle Speeds: 5 to 12 speeds
    • Height: 730 mm to 1065 mm
    • Net Weight: 25 kg to 61 kg
    • Throat Depth: 130 mm to 190 mm
    • Drill Chuck Capacity: 13 mm to 16 mm ​


    • Variable Speed Control: Allows precise adjustments to match the drilling requirements.
    • Robust Construction: Ensures durability and long-term reliability.
    • Advanced Safety Measures: Includes safety guards and emergency stop buttons to protect operators.
    • Compact Design: Fits well in small workshops and educational environments.
    • High-Quality Drill Chuck: Compatible with 13 mm to 16 mm chucks for versatile use.
    • Adjustable Table Tilt: Table tilts up to 45° for angled drilling tasks.
    • Efficient Motor: Available in 0.4 kW to 0.75 kW variants for different power needs.
    • Multiple Spindle Speeds: Offers 5 to 12 speed settings for various materials and applications.
    • Easy Operation: User-friendly design minimizes operator fatigue.
    • Throat Depth Range: From 130 mm to 190 mm, accommodating different workpiece sizes.

    Industries Using the Machine and Their Uses

    • Small Manufacturing Units
      • Precision drilling for small-scale production and assembly tasks.
    • Educational Institutions
      • Training and practical applications in technical workshops and engineering labs.
    • DIY Enthusiasts
      • Home improvement projects and hobbyist tasks requiring detailed and precise drilling.
    • Automotive Workshops
      • Maintenance, repair, and prototype development for vehicle components.
    • Metal Fabrication Shops
      • Light industrial applications such as drilling holes in metal parts and assemblies.
    • Woodworking Shops
      • Creating precise holes in wood for furniture making, cabinetry, and other wood projects.
    • Prototype Development Labs
      • Producing prototypes and small batches of custom parts for product development.
    • Maintenance Departments
      • Routine maintenance and repair tasks in various industrial and commercial settings.


    SCANTOOL V-Belt Driven Drill Presses

    Professional V-Belt Driven Drill Presses

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    Professional Series Pillar Drills Category

    • SCANTOOL 13A
      • Drilling Capacity: 13 mm
      • Motor Size: 0.4 kW
      • Voltage: 1-Ph, 230V, 50 Hz
      • Drilling Capacity: 20 mm
      • Motor Size: 0.75 kW
      • Voltage: 1-Ph, 230V, 50 Hz
      • Drilling Capacity: 19 mm
      • Motor Size: 0.75 kW
      • Voltage: 3 x 400V, 50 Hz
      • Drilling Capacity: 20 mm
      • Motor Size: 0.75 kW
      • Voltage: 1-Ph, 230V, 50 Hz
    • SCANTOOL 25A
      • Drilling Capacity: 32 mm
      • Motor Size: 1.1 kW
      • Voltage: 3-Ph, 400V, 50 Hz

    Precision and reliability meet versatility in our Professional Series Pillar Drills, ideal for small workshops, DIY projects, and educational institutions.